G4 made a movie about Mike Ross


I don’t know if this is old or new but I saw this today.

It has been mentioned, not had a chance to watch it yet because of Evo

G4 didn’t make it.

Awesome flick. Have a whole new level of respect for Mike. Needless to say, made a believer out of me.

Great movie, great guy. How did Mike Ross do at Evo 2011?

He did pretty badly than usual actually

Yeah his performance was not very good which is sad because I was hearing this was supposed to be his year. It’s ok though I am still a believer.

I was always a believer. I think that just because EVO wasnt his time I think SBO will be and heck maybe next year for SFxT or SSF4AE Ver.2012(lol such a long name). Was I the only one shocked to hear Mike curse in this movie.

THIS. G4 didn’t make it they are just hosting it.


The creators of this video are Steve Hwang and Mike Ross.

Give correct credentials.

Just got round to watching. Really well made documentary, wish I had watched prior evo lol. Mike Ross seems like a really cool and interesting guy, much respect.

When’s the Marn documentary happening???

I have to say that Mike Ross and Steve Hwang did a pretty good job at making this documentary. I actually had fun watching it since it incorporates the training process and how tournaments normally end up. It’s a shame that it’s merely hosted on G4’s web servers, rather than some actual air-time on G4… [despite its lack of video game-related coverage majority of the time].