G4s Adam Sessler is tired of all the name-calling, racism found on Xbox Live

Adam Sessler Rants

they got to him

Normal person + Anonymity + internet = Douchebag

lol people of xbox live remind me of 4chan…say racist shit for shockvalue and cause they wouldnt ever say it in real life.

Im not a hater of the guy but not such a big fan either. This is the first time he doesnt sound like he’s reading from a card. He actually looks angry there

This guy has a point.

No, he is taking the internet far too seriously. These people are cowards who say those things because they don’t want to get punched IRL. Let the pussies be pussies.

I can’t wait for his rant about the name-calling and racism on the other systems. People will always find ways to be annoying over the internet. I bet somebody will use Morse code to drop N-bombs over online Mario Kart someday…

But that brings up a point, if you are ashamed to say stuff like that in front of live people who would hang you up by your testicles, what business do you have saying it PERIOD?

I bet you if it was Xbox Live policy to hand over addresses to these e-bigots to authorities for slander, or even just shut off their accounts, they would shut up.

It’s just sad that people have to make their penis feel bigger by talking hard when people can’t see their faces.

Well, I already knew this. Those punks will feel that shit come back to them one day anyway.

G4 is perpetually years behind. Maybe next they can rant about annoying spam emails.

Im sure they always knew it was out there, it was just that one time recently where he got pissed and thought ok i have to do a soapbox next tuesday ah we’ll make it about this.