Ga Thread (Home of Final Round)

Let the hype and trainning begin shawty!!!:karate::tup::rock::nunchuck::chainsaw: :grrr: :clapdos::dp::hp:

There’s only 45 DAYS until FR12 Shawty!!!

Get Hyped GA!!! We must PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!!

Yes sir! I’m on it

Get Ready for Dream Battle Online ATL Sqad Up!!!

Anyone mind meeting someone new to the community up there and letting them tag along, watch matches, and provide advice and commentary? heh - I’d definitely like to go, but don’t wanna’ be wandering around aimlessly (since no one I know IRL plays fighters on a competitive basis.)

Due to a recent string of events. I doubt I will be moving to ATL. But I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can at FR.

I think most people would be fine with that. I would anyways as long as you don’t try to get me to sword fight with you at the urinal :rofl:

We doing that low tier marvel tourney sir?:lovin::lovin:

Stalls FTW. Even for a number one I say. =P

Also - If anyone is in need of transportation, I have that available.

Wooooooo I’m excited! Also, new thread ftw. ruxtpin where you at?

You are the 4th person to ask me that.:confused: Nope sorry. I don’t want to get overloaded at FR12 with the games being played that weekend.:sweat:

I live in McDonough. I usually work all weekend, but I’m going to ask off for that Saturday, so I can make it on Friday and Saturday. I can’t afford to take off the whole weekend, but I think going up there for those 2 days will give me some good exposure to more experienced players and hopefully I’ll learn some things so I can play better. I spent most of my years playing FPS games, so learning fighters is a whole new ballgame.

It’s nice to see someone convert this way instead of the opposite. That other shit makes me puke in my shoes :looney:

haha. I still play Halo 3 w/ some of my buddies, and my skills are laughable since I’ve cut back playing the game so much. All my teammates will have 15-20-odd kills in a game, and I’ll have about… 2 - maybe 3 kills if I’m lucky. I like playing single-player FPS games that have a good story (i.e. Half-Life 2.) I want a change of scenery and to play something new and different, and for me, that’s the fighting genre.

Well if you need a hand (even though I’m misleading and full of shit most of the time) we need new comers so look for a white guy with a beard that talks about 3s and tits too much and ask me anything

What area are you from? What games do you play? If it’s anything similar to certain people, I’m sure lots of people wouldn’t really mind, like Wanton said.

:tup: It’s always nice to see new people pop up.


DOH! You answered all my questions already, :lol:.

I’m drunk and bored , everything I’ve said in the last hour will be forgotten by 930

New thread. w00t.

My b, I meant people going from FG heads to Halo fanboys

all good. I may try to see if I can’t get a few phone numbers, so when I get down there I’ll at least be able to find the people I’ve communicated with on this site.

metalmike - anything going on this week at your place? I need practice before the saturday tourney! :stuck_out_tongue: