Ga Thread (Home of Final Round)

aight. I punked out of this last time, so ima try again.

Anybody in the Central GA area who’s interested in


I’ll go as far as to play 3s, SFIIT or HDRemix (i know absolutely nothing about those games), or just about anything else that might be there.

You can hang with me and my boys. We usually meet up with the columbus guys (except prac) and those guys are all chill. Dont worry you’ll find a ton of cool people. A few Assholes, but mostly cool people XD

@ Dogy i need to get at you and marty on CvS2. I played nica and absolutely destroyed him. But i hear you and marty are the real deal.

Nah,there isn’t anything happening this weekend. I need to rest lol. Possibly next weekend though.

Joel, here is a match demonstrating that Necro - Urien thing I was talking about: [media=youtube]cZ-6kz5LyiI[/media]


marty’s the real deal, i gotta practice more or switch my main team. I mean, I know what im doing and how to accomplish it, but because of who I play, I cant get alot done.

…!!! FUCK that was the truth.

:wow: he wont do me like that.:lol: marty, doggy or lil kong yall not seeing me in cvs2 and i dont play anymore.
i feel metal on that resting part.:lol: i still feel tired.:coffee:
tvc anyone??:confused:
ricky i just got my phone turned back on and im still working on it. ill be done today.

Shadow is Hype…Are You?

would MM…but gotta cop RE5 on the way home

^^ yo itachi was there drama at IC3? sig is to funny

Fei Long and El Fuerte…lets go

Tekkaman/Karas…who want it?

strip clubs and gaming =truth

WHATS GOOD?? why didnt you go?? you missed out! naw no drama only when i let dante(msp_lover) know not show up to east point without his stick or else,lets leave it at that.
mm in tvc shadow??
sagot ftw in sf4.
still want that stick?

Hey if you want some CvS2 comp. you should hit me up for some ownage :rofl::lol:

Hope most of you can make it this Saturday for the 3s/HDremix tournament.

If any of you guys want to come up on this Friday to train, it will be free as long as you preregister on Friday for the tournament on Saturday. Just an offer for the peeps who want to get some casuals in and check out the venue.

I really want to go to Waba, since i have friends told me that you guys throw down on that side of town, but unless you can ride Marta to get there, i probably won’t be able to make it

I believe there is a Marta stop a mile from us near the Wallmart on Pleasant Hill Rd. If you can get to that Marta stop, we can pick you up from there.

nah, it’s in doraville about 15 min down the road. I think you’re thinking of gwinnett transit

Id be down to play you. Get “owned” I dont know. XD

@ dogy - I feel ya on that. Its hard finding the right mix of characters. Ima hit marty up on Swf. I wanna play him at a few games.

Okay, my bad. Why doesn’t marta come out to duluth? Stupid ass Marta!:arazz:

This is double post worthy!

:lovin:**Waba is making access to the new Tournament Training Center FREE!
-Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays will be FREE to play from 2pm to midnight.
That’s right Wabagamers! It’s true! **

:wgrin: What do you need to do:

  1. You MUST be registered on our website and forums (
  2. You MUST post on the Waba Forums at least once a week.
  3. Try to post when you are coming to Waba.
  4. Follow all rules and regulations that may apply.
  5. BYOC:Bring Your Own Controller
    -If you do NOT have a controller (arcade stick) or forget to bring one
    -you may rent a controller from Waba for a $2 fee for the day

:wgrin:**That’s it folks, it’s that easy! Another step in building a better gaming community in our area. Thank you in advance for your support. Come Play With Us! **:rofl:


that is so mother f*uking cool to offer to get picked up. i wish hayward or shin would do that is cool of you tho.ill show up friday afternoon to beat on anyone.

im there till i get a you should of never said this cause now im gonna live

Damnit, i really need a car now, i have to get to places like this to step my game up, considering the fact that SF4 is right around the corner and FRXII will be here sooner than we think, anyone live near Hartsfield, ATL, or Riverdale?

I do. i live in Forest Park