GA Thread: Rise of the Fallen has begun!

lol how come every time i go into a thread Branh is in some shit? haha!
WUZZUP FOO!? Hows that ST Guile holdin’ out?

o n shouts to BlackWhiteBoi who finally stopped actin like a lil bitch n came after the competitive scene!
This punk nigga passed on CGS AND OTHER MAJORS FOR YEARS (rly? pass on free $?) n now wants to go to tournaments.

props to u but u a BITCH for not doing it sooner :smiley:

:rofl::rofl: WTF.

im interested in this “EP Ranking Wars”:wtf:

East point always has battles in regards too pride,respect,rankings etc.
So i have some left over videos from 2010 that I will create as a highlight package in order to introduce 2011 footage.

Oh believe me fellas,it gets heated, I haven’t been anywhere to capture anything as close to the “Pink Panties Saga”, I’ve recorded things similar but not as hype and I am also not trying to create false hype

This makes me want to move back already. So basically, you’re going to update that dormant Youtube account and put stuff on the Impact Clash website, right?

My youtube account is not dormant, I upload and take down content a lot.

I don’t keep a lot of material up anymore because of theft,future projects etc

But to answer your question, yes

Please stop supporting that dive.

yo ice, youve spoken to aj(alt275) in regards to columbus ranbats?
im still a lil bleh about how the last ones ended up :bluu:

also i dunno if this counts since its not a package, but i have a video that i should be done w/in the next week or so
its a cody combo movie :smokin: **new **combos/content mostly showcasing midcombo meaties, aa focus juggles, & knifin around. it will also introduce a new(? im fairly certain 90%+ players arent aware of) universal concept. :amazed:

hey b&b is actually a pretty chill place. ive been twice… had some drinks & pizza, played games, the gf got on rockband stage. both positive experiences :tup:
they used to have a neogeo mvs w/svc chaos on it but it wasnt there the second time :sad:

He’s not really a villian, it was a reference to something happening in the GA thread a month or so back.

Great post Iceman, that’s definitely what is up. And as far as that Tension Pulse tournament, he has it located at a now defunct venue. I hope someone let’s him know that place doesn’t exist anymore.

@Spookydonkey: Is your new concept close knife throw combos? Those are my favorites.

branh vs Iceman in a nutshell.

Impact Clash 1 is announced, I return to SRK after not really being on SRK after 3 years. I ask some questions about tournaments. Iceman treats me to a rude response. He finds out I played at Underground arcade through East Point (who I didn’t have the greatest relationship with at the time). I say I’ve seen his Cable play and was unimpressed. At this point he said he never met me, the beginning of 4 page arguments.

Shortly after Impact Clash 1, the banking industry implodes.  The company I worked with at the time specialized in banking software, leaving me without the job.  Before my layoff, I challenge Iceman and a slew of other to MM.  It never went down because of financial issues I never shared on SRK.  SRK believes I'm dodging money matches, I let them believe it.

Everything else has went down is derivative of that 1 situation. Pretty much everything else is just superfluous. I called it quits on MVC2 shortly after vanilla was released. Iceman goes on a character assassination campaign. The rest is history.

There aren’t too many fueds in GA, but some do exist. However this one is actually rooted in overall distaste. Though I have reiterated I don’t have any personal issues with Iceman. However I think I’m better than him as a gamer.

A more fitting history lesson is the arcade history of Atlanta. While it doesn’t seem like it now, Atlanta had a vibrant arcade scene at 1 time. When I moved to Atlanta in 1992, I lived on the East Side. There was a arcade at Avondale Mall that I use to only go to on weekends (don’t remember the name). After Avondale mall started to get run down, I started attending Gamewarp in 1994. At the time, Gamewarp had a heavy MK scene.

From what I remember about Gamewarp during my active years there is that it had tons of games, and any fighting game out pretty much made it’s way to Gamewarp. The general setup was in the front close to the entrance, there were a slew of SNK games, 1 showcase game you can see up front, and a few heavy hitter games on the back side. In the darker regions there were lesser played games like Pac-man, and somewhere on the right side, there were shooting games and racing games. On the left side were various MVS Neo-Geo cabinets, with a few older games thrown in for good measure. I’m not sure if this was intentional, but this is how it turned out a lot of the time.

The showcase machine had a lot of games to grace it.  Some were put there with the hopes that they would gain some attention from arcade goers.   However there were flops.   1 game was Super Turbo which had the front showcase slot,  The orginal Darkstalkers did as well (and got some play), Mortal Kombat 4, Marvel Super Heros, King Of Fighters 94, Mortal Kombat 1 and a few others were games on that front showcase.  What I remember most was that SF3:NG was part of the front showcase.  It solidified me as a true SF player, because only me and a few others would play it.

Popular games at the time was UMK3 and Killer Instinct. On a Friday or Saturday night, there were tons of quarters on the those two machines. These machines were parallel to the front machines. If you didn’t want to get embarassed, you wanted to stay off of these machines.

I also remember when Tekken 2 made it to Gamewarp. The Gamewarp players were all over Tekken during it’s inceptions. I don’t believe Tekken 1 actually ever made it to Gamewarp, as I can’t remember. But I do remember it was on a big stand up cabinet, and you had to wait in line to play. My first time playing Tekken, I use Heitachi, and spamed his god fist netting me 12 wins. I was taken off by some Jack player who kept knocing me down and doing a mummy press. Good times.

Tekken became the most popular game at Gamewarp for an extended period of time.  In 1997 I started college and abandoned games for a long time, leaving really no time to visit Gamewarp except in spurts.   The last time I visited Gamewarp was some time in 2000 (after I started my first corporate job and moved out to Sandy Springs).  I remember going there specifically to play Tekken 4 (I had went to the Marietta DnB, but they didn't carry it).  Gamewarp did carry it, but I also played MVC2 for the first time.  I also found out that Gamewarp was closing shop, but I enjoyed my last visit there.

Gamewarp along with some other arcades I didn’t know of (SouthLake?) and Underground (I heard was a derivative of the arcade at the Omni) were core parts of the ATL arcade scene. A lot of people in the scene are too young to remember these, but a lot of your top players you look up to probably came from 1 of these arcades.

Good games Branh. You for sure know what your doing with Guile! The first to ten set that I was playing against one of my buddy’s took forever cause we were going back and forth. When I got to play you it was time for me to get ready for work… buuuut… we should get some more games in soon!! ggs

I know I don’t get along with you Iceman, but if you are going to do documentaries, do one of Underground arcade. In it’s last days it was considered a joke. But keep in mind a lot of the better players in the Atlanta scene now used to go there like JTO, Me-Atl Red, Joe, Max, and a good amount of East Point as well. I started going to Underground around 2005 or 2006. But there are definitely people who went there for a longer time. I personally know people who went there from the days when it was located at the Omni. It would be an interesting perspective for newer people who don’t know quite as much about the scene’s background and history. I think a good amount of it originates from that arcade.

Nothing was better then grinding out night after night soley relying on arcade versions to get better. Grinding out long ass tournaments on one game cabinet in a smelly and dark arcade were some of the best times I’ve ever had.

lol nah while i love them & they are sweet, theyve all been discovered a while back

since knifethrow causes standardknockdown jp1 on hit, the possible followups are essentially the same as from a roundhouseruffian fadc
like i said tho, there is some knifin around :pleased:

universal concept sir :angel:

i miss those arcade days :sad:
even columbus was thriving back then… multiple arcades, token lines galore on fightgame cabs, each game w/its regulars & hardcore sets, youd run into people you knew from one arcade @ another one…
i worked @ diamond jims for awhile too. it gave me great satisfaction to know i was one of the first people around ga to pull a launcher to air combo in marvel super heroes… cause i unpacked the cabinet & gave it its first run :pleased:

Everyone knows and I still have the threads to prove it and the PM’s as well.

Iceman returns too SRK after a long stint away from Atl, approx 4-6 years.
Iceman gained mad respect after much success against opponents in MvC2 & 3rd Strike, I was the first too defeat a west coast top player in our then 2nd hottest game MvC2. One large opponent at that time that stood out Dark Prince aka Duc Jr. I placed top#25 at the stiffest MvC2 competition in the games history at that time (Seasons Beatings) and came back more skilled and over joyed!!

When given nice props from my community example:

BranH couldn’t resist, BranH heard about Impact Clash from a protege of mine Launchpad ATL some of you all know him as Dante. BranH

BranH made multiple posts about how good or bad he thought I was,attempted to rate the characters I played in MvC2 on his own scale to the point he rawled up an entire community in Douglasville (Arbor Place Mall), talking about defeating me at Final Round,Claiming he defeated me multiple times at UNDERGROUND ATLANTA, a place 50morecentz,ATL-Cpu,Clint “The Beast”,O-Dog and Myself made the hang out spot for a decade in a half,somewhere we dominated and he just stood around and watched.
He gained a side kick in KillaFox who began to aid him in the arguments and issue his own challenges.
I proceeded to Re-Train myself in MvC2 along with the Impact Players, Xero15,BNGsta,Aceuno,ZugZug, and myself took journeys too Arbor Place Mall once per week and I proceeded to destroy all challengers except one… Rishuno Menji, he was the one individual who showed mad respect and never kept shit going no matter what was said on forums.

BranH claiming he was out of work etc in the post up above me YET, he was on the forums CONTINUING to money match everyone else while RUNNING away from me.
Proof in the pudding, he money matched Bananas8462 in SF4 Guile vs Rufus, he money matched Clint"the Beast" at Final Round Dhal vs Guile in a “Get yo ass tossed in the pool match” multiple money matches he had at Waba where at the time Metalmike was dominating,Nato,Jason L,Bananas8462,Nanaya Shiki and myself were all in attendance to expand our fighting game community,support SF4. That is also where I created the “Reality Check Series” metalmike assisted me in this,he also issued challenges to Shadow Ace and a host of others.

Example: [media=youtube]Fzfiu0QTZYE[/media]

Fact remains the Impact Crew has the footage of him explaining to metalmike,shadow ace,magnicious holding the camcorder, me running the brackets, how he fixes money matches,how much money he’s lost over the years, how much money he’s lost too Big-Boi money matching etc, then he got on forums and threatened too sue us if we posted the video, went on a 3 page temper tantrum on how “Iceman” just wants to exploit me and attempted to play the victim.

I attempted to avoid the drama but he continued to make posts referenced towards me, he got personal, i threatened his life,warned him that he may have became a name in my absence but I am still the man in the streets,on these beats,the fighting game community and in business


I can go on and on for days but I wont,Ill save more for the video series, point is BranH made it his mission to ATTACK ME, put my name in his posts over and over and over again yet… never owned up,never battled me, this all began in 2008 yet we’ve had NO MONEY MATCHES TO DATE, just excuse after excuse after excuse.
If I’ve faced him in a tournament which I have 6 times, the first 2 times were in MvC2 at WaBa and SF4 at Waba as well, I cleaned his clock.
He knows he’s not better then me in anything except buying bitches off craigslist.

I dont care if people consider me the bad guy in regards to our so called fued cause in the end Ill take that,just to rid myself of the one they call BRAN FUCKING H!!!

There’s a bunch of us here at Tech, but for those that can’t join us here’s the stream. If you wanna see more games just join chat and we’ll get something up

FunkyP presents: on

Iceman we never MM because we aren’t peers in any game. We WERE peers in Marvel, but both of us stopped practicing. I and heavily into online Marvel play, and really never touch training mode. And I’m sure you don’t put in a lot of time in the game. Neither one of us are good at the game anymore as it’s a dick around game for me at this point.

In SSFIV we are not equal either. you are not at my level in SSFIV, and I’m not being mean about that. It’s a game you have stagnated in, where I have gradually improved. It’s also a game I still practice heavily and I have sessions at my apartment every week in the game. I think I have the ability to excel at the game, but my issue is there are gaps in my matchup knolwedge, and when that happens I can’t adjust in two games. Still in a 10 game set, you don’t stand a chance because I prevail in longer sets. I’m a far cry from like May 2010. I’ve been griding in SSFIV.

If you want to do a MM, we can do it at Atlanta Revival in a GA classic.   Third Strike.  I'm way out of practice in 3s, but I can pull out the old emulator and get my execution back.  you also claim you were good at this game as well, and it's one of the games you like.  This is a game where we are both starting from the same point.  This isn't to show whose better at 3s, but to show who learns, adapts, adjust, and trains better.   I haven't had a lick of 3s practice in well over a year.  I do not own a PS2, so I can only train on emulator.   You can train by the same means.   So this is something we can do, since both of us claim to be OG 3s players.

Based upon what proof is this statement justified??

I have had the luxury of watching you play and watch you lose match ups in your characters favor, you haven’t seen me play SSF4 in over 6 months because the last tournament I even entered was at US Gaming Arena where I finished 4th and you were not in attendance.

You have never beaten me nor gotten close and I have the video evidence.

You haven’t played or seen me play so how do you fix your fingers too type some bull shit like this?