GA Thread Vol #2: Kingz of the Verbal Beat Down,Home to Gross Noobs and wanna be OG's


The New Ga Fighting Game Season has continued in great stride, Stunning upsets at this years Final Round, great showings by alot of our talent here.
Congratulations to the following:
ATL Hoa aka Anakin bka X.6 Hoa (2nd Place Tekken 6 FR14)
ATL Pok Chop aka The Mouth of the South (3rd Place Tekken 6 FR14 2 years running)
Elliot Lefkovitz BearsAreScary (2nd Place BlazBlue FR14)
Geoffrey Creamer Ivysaur (3rd Place BlazBlue FR14)

Atlanta Revival 2/26/11
SSF4 Winner: (Newcomer)Ramenaddict
BBCS Winner: 2 Time Champion Skeletominion
Smash Brothers Brawl: SleepyK aka Meow2King
CvS2 Winner:Blaze
MvC3 Ga’s 1st Winner: Kevin Bacon
Money Match of the Month Honors: Pokchop Defeats BranH the self proclaimed minister of defense 1st to 5 matchup Pokchop spots Branh 4 matches


Savannah Bi-Weeklies:
Hosted by Savannah’s own Alvien
More tournament details,check here (The Front Page) For up-to-date information,dates,start times etc

Columbus GA Ranbats:
Hosted By Columbus Ga Native Alternate275
More tournament details,check here (The Front Page) For up-to-date information,dates,start times etc

ATL Revival Monthlies:
Apr 16th 2011
"Calm before the Storm"
Hosted By Pokchop,Magnicious & Lord-Iceman/Cool-Breeze

Atlantic South Majors & Upcoming Tournaments:
Impact Clash VI: Rise of the Fallen
The 6th Installment and 2nd Major of the Ga fighting Game Community.
This year promises to bring much more hype,prizes and fun.
Sept 17th & 18th
Atlanta Hilton Northeast (770) 447-4747
5993 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Norcross, GA 30092

CEO 2011 Fighting Game Championships
Friday, June 10, 2011 at 10:00 AM - Sunday, June 12, 2011 at 11:00 PM (ET)
Orlando, FL
CEO 2011 Badge Registration
Badges are REQUIRED to enter Any of the tournaments.
CEO 2011 Badges will be ready to pick up Friday at 10:00 am.
Please Purchase your Badge and then your Game Entries.
This Tournament has strict rules and regulations so if you are interested in attending,
please click the link below,read and review so you do not miss your chance at enjoying another great tournament
in the Atlantic South Division

UFGT7 - Evo 2011 Tournament Season Qualifier
Chicago IL - May 27-29, 2011
3 full days of tournament madness, including an evo-style Sunday finals day. Tournaments begin on Friday at 11am, so be in by then or risk disqualification.
Crowne Plaza Chicago-Northbrook. Same hotel as last year, though many of your complaints have been addressed. We are moving to a bigger ballroom, and getting two smaller rooms across the hall for byoc and side events, more than doubling the amount of space we had last year!
2875 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Northbrook, IL 60062
Click here to book your rooms at the amazing rate of $69/night!

The Augusta Super Battles:
Hosted by Augusta’s own Druseph.
More tournament details,check here (The Front Page) For up-to-date information,dates,start times etc

GA’s Tension Pulse:
Hosted By Columbus Ga Native Alternate275
Free Tension Pulse Poster:
Nov.19th 2001
1:00 PM (GMT-5:00 Eastern US & Canada)
New Location in the works ladies/Gentlemen
More tournament details,check here (The Front Page) For up-to-date information,dates,start times etc

Video packages to look forward too:
Inside the Mind of "Deadly Rave Neo"
The History of K.i.T. featuring: Jio,Kodeevu,Lil’Majin & FlyMikeSims
East Point:"Put up or Shut up Ranking Wars"
ATL Tekken: "Nexus"
The Final Round Doc:“The History of Final Round”

Everyone please take advantage of the gatherings being hosted all over the State of Georgia.
Get your training on and “Never enter battle without your powers at the ready”

Updated Weekly & Monthly Gatherings will be posted here as well just contact me so I can place them here!!!

Local Gatherings in the State of Georgia:
Georgia Tech
Christopher W. Klaus Advanced Computing Building
266 Ferst Drive; Atlanta, GA, 30332
Room # TBD (Usually 1447)
Time: 8pm till 3am, pm FunkyP for his contact information if you need more details

Battle & Brew Bi-Weeklies
Battle & Brew
279 Powers Ferry Rd.
Marietta, GA 30067
SSF4 Biweeklies
Every other Thursday starting on 3/31.

MvC3 Monthlies
Every 4 weeks starting on 4/7.

Tournaments start at 7pm and warmups at 6pm.
Only the Strong Survive: East Point Weeklies

Finally we are up and running folks.
The Impact Crew is very happy to bring you yet another exciting season of fighting game mayhem.


Fresh new talent on hand,surprising match out comes, new top#10 finishes, shocking appearances, new prizes and so much more I am too amp’d to continue typing about it all.

This Thread on it’s 1st page will be hosting up-to-date results on the State of Georgia’s Tournament Points & Rankings System until we gain full permission from the mods of the Atlantic South Division to create a separate thread.

Ga Points Information:
The Points system is in its 2nd year and 3rd stage in regards to Ga’s Fighting Game Community, we are very happy to have the help and support of tournament organizers in the state of Ga as well as our sister/brother states in the south.
We are looking forward to one of the biggest fighting game seasons we’ve ever had in the south, we look forward to growing and putting the south back on the map where it belongs.

Points will be given for practically anything we can think of lol.
We want to make this as fun and enjoyable for anyone who attends tournaments in the state of Ga and we hope to expand this idea across the south.
Now some restrictions apply and they will be posted here below but do not let the word restrictions detour you from reading further and understanding fully.

Points will be given just for entering the door (after paid entry of course)
Points will be given for your placement in all tournaments on hand,Additional points will be given for top#3 placement, bonus points will be given at random throughout the tournament season.
EXAMPLE: Finish 1st place, 5 consecutive times at ATL Revival Monthlies or Savannah Bi-Weeklies and receive a bonus 100 points plus a monthly issued prize

Points distribution:
Points for Ga Tournament Attendance: 10
Points for Monthly Tournament Placements: 1st 64 / 2nd 50 /3rd 35
Points for Attending Major Tournaments in/oustide the State of Georgia: 200
Points for Major Tournament Placements: 1st 1000/ 2nd 550 / 3rd 225
Lack of Attendance Points: -10 (Every 2 tournaments)

The points are very easy to gain and the Impact Staff will be working diligently on adding and modifying things to simplify the system (if it isn’t already) Don’t worry,the points you acquire will not be taken away during the modifications if they occur.
Please keep in mind, the Points count towards multiple surprises throughout the season in addition to the Rankings System.
If you do not attend tournaments for long periods of time your points will decline by -10 points for every two tournaments you miss your points will begin to decline,once you reach 0, you will basically be starting over.
Points for Tournaments are set by “Average” attendance numbers.
EXAMPLE:If the game you enter has large numbers, the average 1st 2nd 3rd points standard will double according to those numbers
Points cannot be traded or sold.
What you do with your prizes,prize money etc-etc is your decision/business but please, do not make any deals exchanges at or on the premises of the events that are under this system.
You do not have to be a resident of Ga to qualify for the points system, attendance is strongly encouraged from all Atlantic South competitors.

Tournaments Under this Points System:
The Atlanta Revival (Monthly) Hosts:Magnicious/Pokchop/LordIceman-Cool-Breeze
Atlanta’s Impact Clash (Major) Hosts:Magnicious/Pokchop/LordIceman-Cool-Breeze
Atlantic South Divisions Final Round (Major) Hosts:Shinblanka & E.M.S.
Augusta’s Super Battle (Major) Hosts:Druseph/CoosCoos
Savannah Ga’s (Bi-Weeklies) Hosts:Alvien
Columbus Ranbats (Under Construction) Hosts:Alternate
Tennessee’s Kumite K.i.T. (Major) Hosts:JiO/Kodeevu
Alabama B’Ham Monthlies (Monthly) Hosts:Raekwon187
Alabama Crisis (Under Construction) Hosts:LordIceman/Raekwon187/MysticBlack

Recent Ga Information and Hype:

Congrats too Ga’s SpookeyDonkey for making video of the week on
vid of the week | ComboVid
Here is a link to the actual video, get ya Cody on ladies and gents
MP196704: A Cody Combo Movie by spookydonkey | ComboVid


So, online sucks for marvel 3.

Ice, get hype for drunken No Mercy matches DOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN


Anything going on around the Valdosta/Tifton area within the foreseeable future? ATL is kind of a long drive to make from where I’m at.


Ga Official Updated Points & Rankings:

Overall Points List:
1.) Gammon 1245
2.) ATL Hoa aka Anakin 840
3.) Pokchop 558
4.) Too Much Damage 385
5.) Clint “The Beast” 295
6.) Lordiceman 275
7.) Cardell 270
8.) Big-Boi 250
9.) ATL BatmanDK 220-ATL Whip 220
10.) Skeletal Minion 218
11.) Solid Play 145
12.) Kevin Bacon 114
13.) BlackWhiteBoi-Blaze-Ramenaddict 104
14.) DBJoseph 100
15.) Dj Ducky-JTO “Da Hero” 80
16.) Reox/ ShinBlade-Lil’ Majin 70
17.) Shin Phoneix-Druseph 65
18.) Chris Barnes 60
19.) BranH 55 -SSJ George bush 55 -DoggySamich 55 -Da Knut 55 -Wizzlecroff 55-BulletHell 55
20.) Malik Johnson 50 -Internal Burn 50 -FlyMike 50-Kiyokix 50-Shadow Ace 50-Stig-San 50
OsirisKidd 50-Taboc 1 50-IggyWhite 50
21.) CyberAkuma-Kirsty-Shinkuur 45
22.) JeremyWorst -Cris Barnes-ATL LauchPad-Joel -RaishinX-Kazujiro-Tron Li
Laswagga-BrianCharisma 40

Per Game Rankings:

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Top#15:
1.)Kevin Bacon
2.)Too Much Damage & Clint "The Beast"
7.)Megaman XD & Pokchop
13.)ATL Launchpad
14.)Shadow Ace

Super Street Fighter 4 Top#15:
1.)Shinkuur & RamenAddict

Tekken 6 Top#10:
1.)ATL Hoa aka Anakin
2.)ATL Pokchop
7.)ATL Batman DK

Blaz Blue Continum Shift Top#15:
1.)Skeletominion (2x Champion)
2.)Solid Play
5.)Dj Ducky
10.)FTE Bubba
11.)Simple Kiss
12.)FTE Nebs
13.)FTE Kaz Ka
14.)FTE This That
15.)Crash Dummy X

Capcom vs SNK 2 Top#10:
Malik Johnson
Shadow Ace
Shadow Ace

Melty Blood/Guilty Gear/MvC2 all open at this time, no official leaders for these games
for those who did play in these games you still received points towards the overall points


i just wanted to say:


also, no mercy is the shit… but superstars suck, gimme my CAW.

this thread has a lot of good points.




And this young man posted exactly what Max and I said here, no different coming from someone elses mouth


So Revival is this weekend, everybody get hype!!!


I’m so torn between having a lot of fun playing and learning how to improve my team, and hating the fact that no one ever clearly has the advantage in a match as long as the loser saves XF LV3 for their anchor to reverse OCV your team. The graphics are very pretty though.


Can’t wait to test out my MvC3 teams @ Revival! This should be fun! :woot:



I’ll post it up today,I didn’t forget bro, I had the page bookmarked but couldn’t find it at the time I made the thread, gimmie a few minutes sir:tup:


What days are the GT weeklies? I might drop by one soon.




Err, is there anything going on south of Atlanta? If I ever get a break from college that I’m not busy, I definitely intend on trying to attend, but with an unforgiving schedule, I’m trying to find something a little more local. I’m attending ABAC, which is about an hour north of Valdosta, so pretty much anything within a two or three hour drive (such as Tallahassee) would be great.


I’m so feeling Magneto and Trish. Very odd that me of all people would gravitate towards a rushdown God like Magneto. But since keep away really is pointless in this game, and this game reward just pressing buttons, I guess why not. I plan to use Magneto more like a punishment character. I’m just trying to tighten up my punisment combos. I know I have issues doing combos in this game, but probably because I’m use to timing them (like in SSFIV), instead of just mashing them out.


Hey guys…

Life fucking sucks.

Just thought you guys should know.



HA! i knw what u mean eddy! side note,mvc3 is SSSUPER NOOBIE!!! dis touney is gonna be the most noobie ass tourney their is! SPAM! SPAM! BOOM!!! …take a X pill and now ur whole team dead! LMFAO!!! never the less its a great time killer…



I would think EP would beat Dunwoody. EP plays way way way more lame