Gaara fanart... colored

Hope you guys like… any comments? critiques pls?

oh… and hope you guys don’t mind also… I’ll just repost my last drawing as well. A Millia fanart a couple of months ago.

hmm… anyone?

The Garaa looks really good, nice job on the sand effects. Im not an expert on colourz but they look alright to me.

The Millia looks ok from what I can tell. I think she is a little to skinny though. Colourz aren’t quite as good as the Garaa pic, but you said it was an old pic. Alot can change in a couple of months

The Gaara is a definite improvement over the Millia pic. For one thing, the light source and shadows are more consistent. The proportions also aren’t iffy, and the gradiate background is better.

I’d do a drawover, but I am too busy.

First of all good stuff. If i were you I’d use a little more line variation. Some of the lines have the same line width.

As for the colors. You have a good sense of color. Maybe tone down with the airbrush. Maybe you used it maybe you didn’t. The more you blend the more you lose structure. Definitely know when and when not to overwork.

Overall great drawing and colorings. Draw me a Hyori. haha.

coo coo thnx a lot everyone.

I’ll definitely keep your words in mind.

agree with Bowie, the Gaara pic looks overall better than the Millia one.

main comment would be to remove the cross-hatching from the giant gourd, and build volume using colours like how you’ve done with the rest of the pic.

keep 'em coming :slight_smile: