** Gadouken Gauntlet!!!** - San Jose, CA - 3/5/11


Hello all, my name is Eddie and although I?ve been on this forum for awhile I felt I havent contributed to the community enough, so I figured I would put on this little event for you all. I hope you all can make it :slight_smile:

**GADOUKEN GAUNTLET **Project 760 Productions, in association with Hyperbooster Studio and Anime V, invites video gamers to get their game on with its first of many video game tournaments. Additional events will include artist drawings by Bordin “Mark” Marsinkul of Hyperbooster Studios.

Date: March 5, 2011
Time: 12:00PM to 6:00PM
Location: Anime V
Address: 1375 Blossom Hill Road, Suite 25 / San Jose, CA 94080
Price: $10 Per Tournament (Onsite Registration Only)

$8 of the proceeds will go to the pot
$2 of the proceeds will go to some of the goodies being given away as prizes as well as the operating cost for the event.

Prizes are as follows:
1st - 70% of pot + goodies
2nd - 20% of pot + goodies
3rd - 10% of pot + goodies

Games for Tournament:
Marvel vs Capcom 3

Bring Your Own Controller
use our basic ps3 controllers

please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns


Hrmmmm SHOULD have Marvel 3 added to the list…n drop Blazblue


Or just add MVC3 at the least…


we were thinking about it and that was our original idea, but we were scared of promising it and then capcom for some odd reason delays the release. at the time we made the decisions for the games we were scared of the game being delayed, but since it will be out soon and the release looks promising, then we are considering bringing it in. i will talk to my higher ups and reply back here as soon as i get word.


thank you both for the suggestion :slight_smile:


we are seriously thinking of adding MvC3 to the line-up, what do you all think? yay or nay?


Not that my opinion means much, but if you haven’t decided, I think doing so will probably get a much bigger turnout. It’s a fairly quick game too.


Any idea how big this will be? I might try to come down for BB and MvC3 if it gets added.


so its been decided, we are scrapping blazblue for MvC3

this is our first time doing this event and it is really experemental, weve been promoting at anime cons and other gaming events so i hope the turnout is good.


thank you srk for sticky-ing this thread :slight_smile:


got work on saturday :frowning:


Forgot about this until you mentioned in on Sat. Remember to just PM a mod if you want your tourney stickied.


thanks again John for the advice


quick reminder,

everyone please don’t forget to be there by noon for signups.

our first tourney will be in t6 and ssf4 so try to be there on time please to help make the tourney go by smoother

thank you


just wanted to post the results of the event.

1st Crackfiend
2nd Alex
3rd David

1st Mike(abel)
2nd JohnChoi (ken)
3rd xks_Samurai

thank you everyone who came and participated
if you have any feedback on how we can make the Gadouken Gauntlet a better experience for you then please let me know and post it here so i can do better for the next one in june.

Thank you

SSF4 (Dan only tournament)
1st xks_Samurai
2nd dopeuYuu