Gah! Button doesn't work!

Ok so I finished modding my Mayflash today and tested it to find that button 8 doesn’t work! I dont know what Ive done wrong. All the buttons work except that one. Ive connected them all and then connected to ground and Ive connected the button to the right place (Im pretty sure). Can anyone help?

Bleh I dont know what happened but it works now. Ignore this thread.

If you’re sure you’ve connected both proper command & power wires to the button, then it might be a bad microswitch. Try replacing the switch with another one and see if it works.

Could be a bad button or cherry switch not contacting.


Sounds like maybe your connections were a tad loose, preventing the commands from going through. Or your PCB was having a hiccup.

Hope it continues to work for ya! :wonder:

If it works now, chances are you have a loose connection. That sucks.