GAH GRAKH GAH! (Victory is Mine!) Official Firebrand Discussion Thread!

Firebrand is a type of gargoyle known as a Red Arremer. He will stand up to any threat posed to his home, the Demon Village, without any fear. Firebrand is considered to be an elite warrior among the Red Arremers, gaining him hero status among his peers.

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Firebrand was easily one of the most underrated, unexpected (to those that didn’t follow the mega hype train thread) characters in the game. The cause of much rage for certain capcom characters not getting in. He is arguably incredibly strong. Lots of mixup rush down options, some fireball options, a assistant summoning super and much more.



Just a couple videos of him. Unfortunately, we haven’t broke down all of the stream into character specific videos to show the new characters.

Discuss! I think he looks like a lot of fun to play and has so many options.

EDIT:, you should be able to find some gameplay stuff here. There was one guy beasting with him.

I don’t care if he ends up being totally broken and overused, I’ll use him anyway. He was the one character from the old rumor lists that I was really upset didn’t make it into MvC3. I love GnG, but I wish I could play his games, Capcom needs to get around to re-releasing them in some form.

Firebrand is S tier because his purple alt makes him look like Ridley from Metroid on NES. Discuss.

I haven’t had a lot of time to watch the streams in depth so I’m probably a little further behind in information than others, but what are Firebrand’s assists? Any interesting properties or practical uses you’ve noticed for them so far?

That can’t be right. If he looked like Ridley, he would be too big to fit into the game.

His assists are the fire breath and the charge forward move, both straight foward and then down forward.

Sure it is, remember Ridley on NES? He was purple and fucking tiny. Like the same size as Samus’ sprite. lolNES

Does the fire hit OTG? And is that 2 assists that are different charge moves, or one that goes straight forward and then down forward?

He is automatically my main. I’m a die hard GnG fan and he is the character I wanted.

I’ve been hearing from players that he is annoying to fight against. Well Capcom was saying that they purposely made him annoying to reflect how annoying he was in GnG.

His swoop looks like it’s going to be a great cross up tool since you can follow up with a dive kick or a flame floor fireball.

Where’s the purple alt, never saw it on stream (only the blue one).
Also, I think Firebrand’s move where he flies like in the original Ghost N’ Goblin game (like the bottom half of a circle) coupled with Hidden Missiles or Sentinel Drones could be as annoying as Blackheart was in MVC2.

Yeah that’s that Swoop move he has and he can follow up with another attack while you are in the air like a dive kick.

I predict his Level 3 is going to be used a lot.

That one move he has makes me keep thinking VOLCANIC VIPAAH!

has anyone noticed how there’s no timer above his meter when he does his lvl3? maybe its b/c its early in development.
speed up super is possible in the air or ground and allows meter to be built during it, so i’m guessing if he ends his relaunch with tigerknee flame spit xx speed up, he should be able to get more damage than just ending with his flame super. his swoop attack causes a spinning knockdown on an aerial opponent, and he recovers in the air afterward. he has an 8way airdash it seems as well, so even better. toss in some assists in there, like spidey web ball, and watch the rape.

His ground flame assist looks very good, Justin used it with Ghost Rider for a pretty effective lock down. I think it OTGs as well.

[LEFT]cannot wait to try firebrand dude looks fun as hell but people are claming hes the new herp-derp wolvie type character so im hoping thats not true[/LEFT]

I don’t really care how good or bad he is. He looks incredibly fun to play so I’m going to use him.

He’s my favorite of the new characters we’ve seen so far.

think Felicia overhead sidekick but WAY MORE POWERFUL and annoying, there is no timer on purpose

I’d like to see SvC Chaos and Joker alts for him. Current design is good, too, though.

Anyway, he looks like a very strong character. Crest transformations would be nice, but whether or not he needs them at this point is really debatable.

Any link to this stream? I searched through the archives but I couldn’t find the match for the life of me. Oh and I really wanna see what people make up with his lvl 3, it looks like it could have some interesting set-ups.

This character looks amazing! He’s like a wolverine with morrigan’s mobility. Kinda confused/dissapointed that I see no one on stream using that swoop move :confused:

Firebrand looks broken as hell.

I haven’t played the game yet.

I’m just saying that’s how it looks.**

To me.

I could be wrong.

please no svc mooning taunt

dem Firebrand combos looked weak on the stream… just sayin