Gah I Keep Getting Beat!

well I’m pretty new to 3rd strike and I beat my bro and pretty much any fighting game but…

in 3rd strike (here I beat him mostly also) he beats me sometimes with the same scrubby crap! AGH. I play with Ken and Makato

you see once the round begins he’ll throw hadoukens until I get in close, and once I do HE IMMEDIATELY crouches and pokes me from there. I mean, what fun is in that? he just sits there poking. and if he pokes low, I have to crouch and poke/block too. just jabs/shorts and roundhouses! it’s so hella annoying. I can’t combo off of a universal overhead many times, so I have to knock him down or get away. parry?

if I jump, he shoryuken’s. I need to learn how to parry. haha

and yea that’s about it. he ducks like this in EVERY SINGLE FIGHTING GAME, but I usually get around him. why are these scrubby tactics beating me?

he uses akuma, ryu, and remy. his entire game with remy is light of virtues/ flash kicks and double crouching roundhouses…

either I rotally destroy him with rushdown, or I lose. it’s like 7:3 times I win. should I just play conservatively with him? and just wait till he get’s to me? or should I learn how to parry better…? help please!

poor maple syrup on his controller so when he pushes a button, it sticks down, that way he’ll only be able to poke you once with each move. heh, anyway, parrying on a jump-in is pretty important. dash lots, makoto’s got a crazy dash, and choose her second super, and when he gets into his routine of fireballs or whatever, wait for an opening and then hit him with it (the one where she jumps back into the corner). or use urien, and when he’s doing is fireballs, use his aegis reflector, or his EX knee drop. (i’m a scrub too, so the stuff i’m telling you is pretty scrubby itself…)

yea it does haha~ but it’ll work against him. abare-tosanami I use often. dash I can improve upon. my bro’s to scrubby to jump in. he can’t do any combos except c.lp X3 with yang hahaha

if he throws fireballs all day throw them back but EX them then set him up.

but learn to parry.

use chun SA2, she will move thru fireballs

Better tactic than throw fb vs fb is to counter it as soon as he pulls one out. Ken has awesome countering vs those scrubbish strats while he gives damage to those that love to play stupid with measley fb’s, RH’s, throw traps, etc…

Parrying will help you take care of that too, since all you have to do is pull your SA3 super as soon as you’re close to him while a shoto or any projectile fighter FB’s you. Exceptions would be Remy since he can pull two of them via EX or his light of virtues, and those players that are able to intercept your counterattack with an SA or parrying of their own.

Makoto can counter shotos easily with precision and combos galore. Although I don’t use her at all (since so many people that I know sweat her like hell), she’s still a force to be reckoned with if used properly.

how to 3s V:I