Gail Simone got Wonder Woman!

Earlier this week, I mentioned that Shawn McKeever replaced Simone on BOP.

well, the announcement just came out that she’s got Wonder Woman.

I’m glad for her, this will really help put her name out there…but really, if I were writing, I don’t think I would want one of the big-name books, because the big-named books are the ones controlled most rigidly by editorial.

you have more freedom writing B-List characters…

I saw that on newsarama and thought of you.

Maybe she can clean up the mess that is that book?
Make Wonder Woman cool again.

Sometimes, making your bones on a big-name book can earn the clout necessary to really write the hell out of the A-Listers.

True, Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison are proof of that…

but I just don’t know if I could stand to grapple with editorial over my ideas…from what I’m told, it’s a fucking nightmare to fight with the Bat-Editors.

I appreciate the thought! :smiley:

and here’s hoping…I’m not a HUGE WW Fan, but Gail can turn anything into gold.

I respect WW’s place in the DC Pantheon, and especially as one of the big three…but I just couldn never get into the character in the same way I can other female DC Characters.

I think of her more as “The Female Superman” I guess.

I like them as figureheads, but as characters, I find them pretty bland…which is why I only really like to read 'em in Team Books.

I liked Heinberg on Wonder Woman. Well I just like Heinberg. If you’ve ever read Young Avengers you know the man can write. The work he did on Wonder Woman was great. The combo of him with Dodson’s pencils worked like a dream.

It just seems like DC pulled out the rug from under him and didn’t let him finish his story. When they asked Brad on JLA how come they are using Diana as WW and not Donna he said that it would be explained in WW and that Heinberg was a ‘genious.’ That sure wasn’t genious having Diana say “You know what, I’m WW again!” and that’s it. Again, if you’ve read Young Avengers, you KNOW that this is not Heinberg genious. I feel they didn’t let him do what he was going to do, caved into people complaining about the lateness, made him rush to finish his story in one comic and that’s why they’ve released about 3 issues of WW in the last 2 months to play catch up just to please lateness complainers. I’m the type that’s willing to wait for good comics, there’s always something else for me to read so the lateness thing didn’t bother me too much.

I did buy the issue after Heinberg’s run. I thought it was a strong issue, written by a woman, very… how to say this? Feminist and I hope I don’t offend anyone because that’s not my intent. The story was about a woman’s empowerment movement that looked up to Wonder Woman as a role model so feminist is the only way I can put this… not that this is a bad thing because it isn’t, of course. You can compare it to what Hudlin is doing on Black Panther I guess, but in a good way (I’m not too crazy about what Hudlin’s doing but that’s another story). I enjoyed the new WW writer but it gave me no incentive at all to buy the next issue. It’s one of those things you can’t really predict. You read one issue, think it’s great and then another issue is on the stands and you skip over it - for me it happens. Doesn’t help that there’s lots of competition on the racks too.

Gail Simone’s a good writer, I have nothing against her. But I don’t really see myself messing with Gail Simone on Wonder Woman. I’m getting my full of the character in the DC Verse in JLA. Now if they ever toss out an All Stars Wonder Woman comic I’ll be all over it.

On the flip side I love reading Ms. Marvel, she just seems very real to me as a character, Marvel’s been doing some good things with her. She’s not perfect, very funny and you laugh at her and with her, she kicks Ass, makes her mistakes and she’s not a super-slut either. Heinberg was on the verge of a similar formula with WW IMHO if only they let him finish what he was doing.

How did they pull the rug out from heinberg? The dude decided to leave in the middle of his arc to go back to tv! DC cant publish scripts they dont get

Really? That’s crazy. :rofl:

Lol I’ll buy issue one of this Gail’s WW and give it a chance. :sweat:

It’s not that the characters themselves are bland. The writers and editors just rarely bother to tap their true potential. They figure that the name alone will sell books. There are some really awesome Superman stories out there (just to name one of the big characters), but they’re few and far in between for the simple fact that people rarely bother to put any thought into him.

The creative staff rarely asks, “Who is Superman? What makes him an interesting character?” They just assume that the answer to both questions is, “Superman is a fucking strong guy who flies around and beats up super-criminals. Print it!”