Gail Simone replaced by Sean McKeever on BOP

Read it in the latest DC Nation.

Love Sean McKeever don’t care for Birds of Prey so I’ll pass on this one. I don’t think this is the right DC project for him. McKeever’s a huge Spider-Man nut, putting him on something that’s not single character superhero based or teen based since he did great stuff with the MJ loves Spidey books is all kinds of bizarre. Not saying he can’t pull it off though.The 51 Countdown stuff he’ll be doing seems more up his alley to me. Well I wish him all the best.

Wait. Just wait.

So…the SM Loves MJ writer is doing Birds of Prey? And the Birds of Prey writer is doing…what? Wonder Woman??:confused:

IMO, Birds of Prey has been one of the most consistent books that I’ve ever read(writing wise) with Dixon and Simone at the helm, and I’ve never seen McKeever write anything high profile. Not to say MJ aren’t great because they are, but it seems that he’d be more suited for something more towards the teenage element like Runaways or Young Avengers.

I’ll give him a chance, but I’m scared for the book.

I didn’t read BOP, but I have friends who think this is a bad idea.

Simone LOVED BOP, Simone MADE BOP.

DC has fucked her over before, and I believe this’ll be enough to make her quit.

which is a fucking shame…Wonder Woman rules, but BOP was more hip and modern…it’s as hard to write WW as it is to write Superman…

I dunno, I’d rather see her on a title where she can make some real changes.

seriously, the measure of a writer in comics is all fucked up…you get prestige from writing one of the big titles (Superman, Batman, Spider Man, etc.) but what can you really do on those books?, the headliners are the ones editorial want to change LEAST, there’s no lasting change on them, and so the characters get stale…you can’t do anything groundbreaking or shocking.

gimme one of the lesser-known heroes any day, and let me run with it, y’know?, that’s where the real creativity is spawned…you think you could get away with some of the shit GLC, or Shadowpact get away with, in Justice League?

I might as well take this opportunity to bring up something that’s been bugging me, since it’s relevant. Why are so many comics handled like a game of musical chairs? If Oda was ever ousted from One Piece and replaced by, say, the guy that created Bleach, it would be worse than a joke for fans of either series. How can people have any respect for the comics that utilize this kind of prostitution?

Well, I think manga isn’t usually treated like that because it’s the manga artist’s own creation and a piece of their life’s work. It’s their job to get it published in Jump, turned into anime series, etc. You’ll never see Oda move from One Piece to Bleach, or Kishimoto move from Naruto to Berserk, because…it’s not theirs. If they decide one day to stop writing the series, or they die or something…then that’s it. The only exception that I know of is when the mangaka for Trinity Blood died, and her friend or something decided to continue on with the series(I hear the series got worse after that.)

Now for stuff like Batman, Spidey, etc. I assume that the rights to those characters are DC’s and Marvel’s, and the writers are just contracted employees(I would love more info on the relationship BTW). While the companies listen to the writers and try to match them up with books/characters that they may want to work on(and to possibly give them new challenges), ultimately they have the right to move them to another project and hire someone else on as they see fit. It’s great when you have a great writer who understand the characters and the situation(Dini/Detective Comics, Wolfman/Nightwing, Bendis/USM, Bru/Daredevil), but ultimately they move on…

And I just found out yesterday that Simone wrote the awesome Villians United: Countdown to IC run. Now I’m pissed even more that she’s leaving BOP…



The mediums are really different in so many ways.

One Piece will have an ending whenever Oda stops writing it. Also, One Piece is kind of a funny example because those are books that have to end. He has to become the Pirate King, Naruto has to become the Hokage or at least be on a clear path that you know they will reach their goals and so on. To an extent Bleach is like that too, I’m not too deep into it but it will prolly end with a clearer view of which girl Ichigo will prolly most likely wind up with as these things go lol! Superhero comics, so long as there is evil they will always be needed. For long running in manga, you can take the example of Golgo 13 that’s been around for 30 years but not much changes, the world has changed but he hasn’t changed much, so long as someone needs an assassin the book can go on and on, even if creators don’t change.

Superhero comics will go on forever. It’s a win, loose situation. 60 years from now people just won’t care that much about One Piece and will move on to something else, there’s a big chance people will go about their business and not even know what it is despite the huge popularity it has now. But something like Spider-Man can stay current and as popular as always and remain with new comics on the shelves for people to buy. On the other hand, each writer that comes along is going to handle the characters a little bit differently but that’s one of the things that just goes with the territory. But if the new creative team doesn’t work out and it’s a flagship title that they just won’t ever cancel they will usually keep experimenting until things do work for the current fans of the time.

Still, if you want to read comics like manga and only follow the original authors now is a very easy time to do it due to old TPBs, Essential volumes, official DVD sets that have entire runs where you can read old comics, things of that nature.

She left on her own.
No fucking going on. (creatively anyways)

"But the truth of this matter is, I was simply offered a project I couldn’t turn down. A dream book with a dream art team, and a real chance to reshape comics history. DC’s always been great to me, but this is just…insane. It’s unbelievably exciting.

And I want to pour everything I’ve got into it. I had to let something go, and for reasons that I think will make more sense as things are revealed, it meant letting go of some beloved bird friends of mine."

yeah, I read the Newsarama thing, it’s not as bad as I initially thought.

but still…


Rumor has it she got Wonder Woman, though there are those who think she landed Justice League.

It’s only her book for as long as she wants it to be.
Dunno why she chose THAT one to cut instead of the awful Gen13, but whatever.

Sean is really good, and I actually wanna see him on something non-kiddie.

I hope they give WW to SOMEONE who can keep a schedule and fix the mess it is now.