Gainesville 8/11, the beast sentinaaaaal! stands alone at the top..he owns me....X.x

Yeah check this shit out, i taught the damn kid!

1st jon sindel sentinaaal!!! -Team matrix, santhrax, scrub,
2nd michael mixon mixup - Mstronne, mss, santhrax, jesus, msp
3rd craig maximus DUFUCKINGFOUR - scrub, santhrax

I’ll post the full results from this tourney when i get the brackets

jon put me in the losers and beat me in finals 3-2, 1-3 faaaaak~!

We had another tourney right afterwards so i could get some revenge.

1st michael mixon mixup mss,mstronne
2nd jon sindel matrix and santhrax, scrub
3rd i can’t fucking remember, either blaziniflo, craig or adam, i’ll check and update.

Each time i come up with a dope new trick, the kid steals it the same night, modifies it by the end of the night and uses it on me in a new way:mad: :lol:

Student passes teacher? not yet but damn it’s close, props my niggle, the northerners don’t know whats coming to nec4!!!

Adam put jon into the losers bracket early on this time and he(jon) worked his way through to the finals, score was 3-1 and thats that :slight_smile:

i wish this shit was on tape, the matches jon and i played had as many as like 6 tri-jumps in a row high, high, then high low, then triple high, delay into cross-up, dash in,delay+assist,…blocked it all and then some…defense owns marvel!! unless you are magnus player:p

Alright enough ranting, marvel is fun again!

damn hes on the come up…

what’s tema matrix @_@?

Team matrix is storm/sent/cyc. If anyone asks this question again, I’ll fly to your house and beat your fucking ass. If you don’t know it by now, just quit playing the fucking game.

Oh yea, I own adam for free in tournament’s. It’s like as soon as he has to play me in a tournament, he just breaks down mentally and accepts the fact that’s he was born to be my bitch.

holy shit…owned for fun:eek:

all you need is cable???:lol:

adam’s snore is way too powerful, rivalled only by the ozzmeister.

Damn u beast!

Whens the next tourney!:mad: :lol:

Hmm, another Sentinel player, interesting indeed.

*-$yndicate- *

you’re still the only real sentinel in my book:p


chill out, you’re getting there. Actually you’re already there. You’re sentinel is so good that I piss my pants everytime I play you. I roll on the ground afterwards because it’s so beastly. Fucking Bread and Butter. Way too Powerful. Can’t be touched. Fuck Sanford. Fuck Kuan. Mixup IS SENTINEL!!! The new truth. Ya niggas better ask somebody. Back the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up.

i got 3rd in the second tourney, cause I put craig in loser’s and peaced him out, and jon peaced out adam. and then jon peaced me out.

yeah yeah,whatever, next time you FINALLY beat me, just do it when im not drunk, or when YOU don’t counter team me. and i think the only reason we played each other in that tournament is because you were sooooo angry about how BAD you lost to me the tourney before that one. so you had the very first match set up between us, knowing i was drunk. now, do you really feel so good about that win that you have to get on SRK and tell everyone about it?:lame: if so, congratulations!!! So just " HOLD YOUR HORSES " when it comes to the shit talking so soon, DORK. later…

P.S. Justin, your still cool.

now you know how it feels to lose to a florida scrub when you’re drunk.:lol:

I think justin is going to have a hard time finding a time to play Craig when he ISN’T drunk…thats just not fair.

I’ve been told my Sentinal was half way decent.

Well they were lying to you!!!

nah man he really is only halfway decent with him


I wish I hadn’t been out of town during the last TX regional. I would have liked to have seen it in action.

Long distance dick riding, nice.



Parker, why don’t you stop by this weekend? Married life keeping you down already huh, too bad. Get a divorce this weekend then come over okay.