***Gainesville, FL Results - 2/7/04***

MVC2 (12 participants)
1st - Mike “Mixup” Mixon (MSTronne)
2nd - Jon “Sentinaaal” Sindel (Santhrax, MSTronne)
3rd - Erik “DBS” Johnson (MSS)

CVS2 (13 participants)
1st - Trent Van Deven (various A groove teams)
2nd - Mike “Mixup” Mixon (P groove Kyo/Sagat/Cammy)
3rd - Chris (A groove…)

3s (8 participants)
1st - Trent Van Deven (Ken - SAII)
2nd - Mike “Mixup” Mixon (Ken - SAIII)
3rd - Ozzie “Sentinels Force” (Chun Li - SAII)

- Where in the world was Orlando, Jax, and Tally? :mad: Even Tampa had like 6-8 show up....
- Tournament started 2 hours late since we sat waiting...not doing that again
- I apologize for the lack of games/DC's/tv's...was too busy with other things the night before to plan stuff
- Trent used a gimmick....Ken with SAII...wtf?!? :confused:
- We'll try this again in another 3 weeks or so...hopefully everyone else can make it next time
- Thanks to all who showed up and helped out, especially Mummy-B

Sorry Van,

Orlando remains unmodivated. You come to us :p.
I heard Allen got in Marvel 4th
Also Fez got 4th in CVS2 ! GO TAMPA!

Do you have the full MVC2 results will they be APEXed?
BTW your away message is pretty morbid dude…

Mike used P-kyo/blanka/2sagat. cheeeaaapp
Chris Paw A-chun/sakura/cammy

Full name Christian Paw “Shafted!”

Orlando as usuall had a good turnout for CVS2, me, leland, trent, rick and joe (both who i still consider orlando), go orlando…

Man, Mikes P groove threw off my game, but that’s not happening next time, good game mike.

I’m told you guys not to sleep!:stuck_out_tongue:


only tally player that said he was gona be there was ed, i think something important came up for him not 2 show, i say never wait for out of towners, for our touenys i give a contact number for those who think they may be late to call, no call we start playing, because i never really go by wuts on these fourms

i think in late march we r going to a big ass tekken thing in jacksonville, so if u guys make another tourney make it anytime but late march, i would like to go to a cvs2 thang even though i suck;)

Leland Miller for my APEX.

Yay… i got 4th… but anyways i had mad fun at this thing… Mike is a damn beast… hey jon… when are we gonna snap his fingers???.. haha anyways damn where was the rest of FL… also this tourney was the wackist with the damn comments… oh well… i sleep havent gotten sleep since thursday… and damn… i smell like ash… to much of the herbal burning at the houses…:lol:

I’m going to start calling myself Casual Console Warrior.

fucking tournaments

I <3 Rick

thx to van for running a great tourney as usual

damn to those that did not show from orlando and jax

Id have to say that this is the first weekend in a long time that I had this much fun!! Fucking Mummy-B was wreckin fools along with Tampas Finest Xing!! Its really good that ur back mummy, shit just wasnt the same with out u!!:lol: As always thanx go out to Van for throwing this whole thing and to Andy and Troy who let me sleep on thier couch!!

Just to let u know Big Pete and myself clean these Gville poker players out in like an hour of playing Texas Hold’em!! Too Fucking good Pete!! IM RICH BITCH!!! I sware man we are playing the wrong games!!! Just to let u all know it pays to turtle in poker too!!

And who could forget Mikes P groove madness!!! Good shit man, I was really impressed!! GGs Gville see ya in like 3 weeks or so!!


Hell yeah man we cleaned them fools out:lol: Thats who you gotta play man you can’t be in every pot you gotta play the people not the cards, But anyway great times people Chris always fun playing you we always seem to pick something up from each other Brain is Maki nice shit at your house …Rick good games thanks for the hints I’ll see you on X-box live, Same with you Trent every tourney you tell me some shit that I would of never thought of.

Mike and John you two are just beasts I gotta get working on that time machine FAST, thanks for houseing us and putting up with the Tampa randomness.

Fucking texas Holdum rules! Where’s Ricky in the results?

Dwyane you play holdem too?

Mikes P Groove Madness took me out :frowning: I think I tied for 5th

What the FUCK?!??!?!?!?!

Trent got 1st holy shit! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I mean damn he can’t even beat 10 year old Levi (THE TRUTH) and yet he manages to pull first some how? That’s just wrong. :lol:

Ah well, congrats Trent. Keep up the good work. :lol:

He can’t beat ‘The Truth’?

LOL I thin I tied with you…Oh well neither of us won but we still came home with the fuckin platter!!

::continues to point into the outfield::

Practiced a bit.