Gainesville, Florida Disconnect 4skin MvC2 Results


This was a very shitty tournament for Gainesville as Orlando dominated every aspect of every game. It was shock and a wake-up call to the MvC2 players of Gainesville, whom after a stellar tournament last weekend, got a taste of their own medicine. :bluu:

MvC2 Singles (18 people)

  1. Eder Resendiz - Orlando
  2. Robert Lugo - Orlando
  3. Adam Burghardt - Orlando
  4. Mixup - Gainesville
  5. Jimmy Francis - Orlando
  6. Xander Matchett - Jacksonville

— SentinaaallL!!! request Eder 1st round demanding vindication after getting beasted last week and gets put in losers 2-0.
— Blaziniflo requesting Spritekillah 1st round demanding vindication after getting beasted last week and gets put in losers 2-0.
— Sentineallllalldldsfl and Balzifidflo both get peaced out in losers by 2 random Jacksonville players that can barely do 2 ahvbs, and end up both going 0-2 and tying for last place. Way to go guys.

— Mixup dicks around in winners with Megaman/Servbot/Tronbonne, and get’s put in loser’s 2nd Round by Rober Lugo. Kid decides to get his shit together with magnus, but ends up each 2 fastflies in a row by Adam, and goes home mad pissed before team tournament starts.

— Gainesville sucks.

— Storm/Sentinel isn’t as good as it used to be.

— BH/Sent/Tron (Team Robot aka Team Josh Wong) is still dope.

3on3 (5 teams)

  1. Adam/Eder/Lugo
  2. Spritekillah/Trent/Alex Garvin
  3. Jimmy/Xander/Alex Garvin (yes he played 2x)
  4. Jared/Sidney/Garret (Jacksonville kids)
  5. Blaziniflo / Sentinhowthefuck? (team we should just quit playing this game and go shoot ourselves because we suck so fucking bad)


Random phonecall from Josh Wong during middle of team tourament, and him laughing in my face after hearing me and jon went 0-2 in singles, and saying “Thank God you’re not on my team for the team tournament at ECC this year.”

Thanks for coming.


a sad day for marvel

fly your flags at half mast


Dang, what happened? I thought G-ville had this in the bag.



the title…


Gotta love how Random Josh Wong can be.:lol: Too cool.


People actually play that team? I thought I was the only freak that plays that team in tourneys. :smiley:



Eders a fuckin beast!


I heard florida has arcades bulit on top of swamp lands and sometimes aligators and crocodiles randomly takes kids.

I heard philly has arcades built on top of crack houses and sometimes Josh Wong and Bryheem randomly steal your food.


i dont remember saying that, but thats so what i would have said.


and quarters too.


No shit. Adventure Landing in Jville.

Woot for Jville.




Cheeder!!! WOOO! GOOD SHIT!!!

How did Lugo beast on Adam?


3-1, 2 OCV’s. Robert’s Cable racked up more bars than a fat girl with 2for1 snicker’s coupons.


Eder always gets atleast top 5 in every torney. As for mike,jon and justin, you guy’s will own next torney.


i highly doubt it, we all agreed we’re retiring. We’re not even gonna go to ecc. we’re waste of space in this community.:frowning:




Sounds like someone’s gonna pull a michael jordan to me. Gonna go play CvS2 for a little while, then make a suprise return to Marvel at Evo and just own.


nah this one’s for good. MJ still had some skills left. We’re fuckin done.