Gainesville, Florida--MSG-- Pre-ECC9 MvC2 Results


Blaziniflo posting. Hella bomb tournament, and thanks to everyone that came out, especially orlando and tampa.

We will be having another MvC2 tournament next week, and hopefully some more peeps that bailed today will be in attendance.

MvC2 Pairs:
1st Mike Mixon (Mixup)/Mohammed Abdel-Hameed (Spritekillah)

2nd Jon Sindel (Sentinallll111)/Peter (BPR INC.)

3rd Justin Zhou (Blaziniflo)/Allen Hsou (Asian Demon)

MvC2 Singles:
1st Mixup (Gville)
2nd Eder Resindez (Orlando)
3rd Sentinall111!!! (Gville)
4th Sprite Killah (Gville)
5th Blaziniflo (Gville)
5th Erik Johnson (DBS) (Gville)

MvC2 3on3
1st Don’t know
2nd Don’t know
3rd Don’t know

Because we were too lazy to finish the tournament but top 3 teams with highest points at the time we quit were:

Mixup / Spritekillah / DBS
Blaziniflo / Sentinall!!!11
Adam Burghardt / Eder / Jimmy Francis

Competition was crazy sick, and was one of the best tournaments in recent memory I have attended or ran. Really looking forward to the next one. Highlight of the night was all 5 Gainesville players in attendance placed in the top 5.


teams? good to see what teams are winning in certain areas;)


Tourney was really fun thans for haveing guys, Watch out yo Tampa straight on a come up;)


good job to all that placed, man i wish i was back in florida:(


yeah great tournement… had more fun though at mikes house… since playing for like god damn hours… i got my pratice back on and im ready to go…

MSP 4 life or maybe PSM… that order seems to be better…

oh yeah highlight of the day would be justin owning that one guy… way too good:lol:




MSPeice of shit…

Mike said it best


No the all-time highlight of the night is john’s MSTtonne perfecting Eder :eek: –That’s how Gainesville rolls out– (John’s words) lol:D


yeah dude, there is no way i’m snapping in allens psylocke


wow, Eder beat Jon? :eek:


Eders cable/storm/cyc was disgusting

this tourney was crazy because everyone was beasting on each other the whole time…too serious…

*mixon posting


i heard someone else got perfected aswell that day… but how the hell did eder get perfected with a god player team like that…


I wish I was there guys, it sounds like too much fun :wink:

Cable/Storm/Cyc = My team :lol:
Did Eder steal my tactics? :stuck_out_tongue: