Gainesville Thread: Help yourself to the fridge, but don't touch my beer

Purple Unicorns > Tallahassee

Twitter is stupid as hell but its damn convenient for me to post meet-up times. Either follow the thread or @gainesville_SRK for meet-ups. PM me for directions.

Everybody needs to post what times are good for this summer. Thurs/Friday nights are no good for me, but I’m free to host most other days.

Q: What’s the scene like in Gainesville?
A: For the most part we’re a bunch of no-name scrubs that talk more shit than we can back up. We play money matches against pros we have no business playing and against each other in games we’ve never played before. We mash dps and drop combos. You will have a blast playing with and against us.

Q: So… there must be a huge scene because of UF, right?
A: Sadly, not really. Nothing is organized well at UF (yet!) as far as a FGC is concerned. Starcraft and LoL are really big here, but not so much with other games… We are actively looking for more players and competition.

Q: Wait, isn’t this usually the troll thread?
A: Yes! Seriously though… there is an active scene here.

Q: So when’s the next tournament going to be?
A: August 27th at the Reitz Union Rion Ballroom. It will be free to all UF students who hold a gator1 card and $5 entry fee to everyone else. Sadly we can’t charge a tournament fee, so no cash prizes put I won’t be stopping anyone from money matches. Details are coming and I’ll post more as they come, but a quick summary can be found below:


Q: What will the rules be? There better not be any of the one round and you’re done nonsense…
**A: **I have a week to submit tournament rules to them. The sooner the better since they want to send that information out asap to their list serv. I’m going to recommend standard double elimination EVO tournament rules. This should go smoothly since I’m going to be running the show. If you guys remember Steve from meetups at Van’s place - the guy that ran the tournament last August - he’ll apparently be in town and said he can help with running the thing or providing a setup. If anyone of you guys can contact him or give me his contact info that’d be great.

Q: What console(s) will the tournaments be on?
**A: **I noted that at their last event a month ago that it was a bad idea to have one ps3 and one 360 to run a SF tournament. Apparently that thing they had last month was supposed to just be for casuals and they ran a tournament at the last minute due to popular demand. Since the August 27th thing will be a tournament I told them to announce a console far in advance and the serious players will make adjustments as needed. We decided to go 360 (sorry phil) for this tournament since that seems to be the established console.

Q: What about laggy tvs/monitors? Will I be randomed out by some scrub (hamilton) just because the TV sucks?
**A: **I specifically asked if their TVs have game mode, and told them how its so important to our community that EVO uses a standard monitor. Their response was asking me if I could provide tvs. Apparently lots of people ask for CRTs to counter this issue in their other games and they’re looking into it. I said I could provide at least 3 TVs on my own. We’re really hoping for at least 8 setups. Can I get commitments from anyone here to provide TVs, systems and ESPECIALLY games?

Q: What games will be played?
**A: **They asked me if I could run all fighting games and I said I didn’t want any part of smash brothers. It seems like they got that covered though. I said for now give me AE and marvel. However this depends on how many people sign up for each. They want to give me about 5 hours (total, not each) to run both tournaments and getting done by midnight is very important to them. If necessary they might restrict me to either AE or marvel and I really want to avoid that. If you haven’t already please fill out the survey to let them know what games you want:

They asked for clarification regarding Arcade Edition. Apparently two people at their event last month were worried because they hadn’t played AE yet, and in their smash community there’s a division between brawl and melee players. I told them that playing vanilla/super instead of AE was tantamount to running a Star Craft tournament and not using Brood War. I said that since they have a (seemingly) large and vocal community of smash brothers that sticks to melee then it was probably right to appease them but I made it clear that we’re running AE.

Q: Is there an entry fee?
**A: **Its free for anyone with a gator1 card and $5 for non-UF students. Since its a student-run organization they are not allowed to charge UF students so we can’t really get prize money for the winners the usual way. Which brings me to my next question…

Q: What are payouts? Are there prizes at all? WTF rob?
**A: **This is kind of up in the air at this point. There was talk about someone building a fight stick with some gator gaming artwork on it to give to first prize, but I told them I was skeptical about this. To be honest the prize isn’t my first priority right now. I’d rather use the tournament to get people aware that the community exists and use that to get people to come to a monthly ranbats type thing.

Q: Wait what? Ranbats?
**A: **Yes! We can reserve a place on campus to have casuals any time we like on campus. I really want this tournament to go well and use it to announce a bi-weekly or monthly ranbat style sort of get-together to try to build a community on campus. Non-UF students would be welcome to the casual meetups since they have a don’t ask don’t tell policy on this. I haven’t ironed out all the issues with this (how long we have the room, frequency, equipment storage etc) but the tournament is my focus right now.

Q: Will this replace weekly SRK meetups?
**A: **Probably not. Ideally I don’t want to trash weekends at my place. I’m thinking maybe a bi-weekly’s on wednesdays or something.

Anyway I think that’s it. It would be awesome if you guys could commit to bringing lagless monitors/systems/games as it would help a lot.

Aww… and I was just about to make a witty title for the thread XD If you can change it, make it “Gainesville Thread: We main EX Disneyland”

And everything in the answer for the first question applies to me except for the mashing dps part kthxbye.

I don’t just drop combos. I don’t do them at all.

Hopefully I can draw some of you guys here :] I know Rob is unable to make it and Matt planning on coming. I just finished this flyer not too long ago. Its a bit plain but it gets the job done. I’ll probably revise it tomorrow. I had an 8 hour shift today without a break so I’m tired as fuckkk. It should run smoothly as I’ll be the one running it and I actually play these games as opposed to being mandated by a company.

No Business playing money matches? My CEO Money Match with JWong in iPhone SF4 is going to be pretty fucking warranted.

Love the Q&A. As far as the title should go, say something about how Pete’s Akuma = free lunch money.

Lol it should be Gainesville Thread: Land of the divekicks" since we are all switching to Yun/Yang.

i should and will. he’s good (one of the few akumas with a real vortex) and i’d like to play him.

pretty sure im good to play any night rob

patrick, its a win-win if you pick sagat cuz i really enjoy that match-up myself…st. jab st. jab st. jab st. jab st. jab st. jab :stuck_out_tongue:

Matt, is it true EX Disneyland does more damage on the doubles? Like if I landed it at 44 seconds?

Patrick, don’t worry about repeated jabs, Petey always does 'em in a pattern so it’s not hard to crouch tech when he goes for a throw lol.

EDIT: any tips on how I can land the ROM combo? I can’t just mash it out. :frowning:

Yes that’s true! I see you have been visiting the arcana wiki brushing up on that petra :tup:

Games at my place starting around 6 tonight until whenever. Just pm me for phone number/adress.

Tournament in Ocala? Interesting. But why do you put the tournament on Friday?

The rooms are heavily used for birthday parties on the weekends. They are seldom used on Fridays and I set the time a bit late because of school. I also rarely take Saturdays off because I am one of the party host/Managers so I’m either hosting parties or closing a shift on Saturday. I wasn’t happy I took Saturday off for PnT’s MvC3 tournament because it was a huge waste of time for me. SSF4 was only worthwhile because of you guys.

I mean I’d love to host a tournament at a more convenient time but my job comes first and business wise, we make roughly $600-1k+ on birthday parties on just Saturday alone.

Are you asking me? I literally have no idea how to ROM combo lol my mags is terrible, and he might be gone for D. Doom

Akuma’s gamma assist is so ridiculously cheap.

Yeah that hi-low mixup is nasty.

So is that fisher price internet you’re on!

Not specifically to you, but to anybody here that can actually do it. I’ve only gotten 2 reps so far haha. Doom’s never a bad choice though, and his combos are a lot easier. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s everyone doing on sunday?

Living in a different city :confused: