Gainesville Thread: UF Wednesday Night Fights, 18:30 - 22:00, Little Hall 221


We now have our own scrubby-ass FB page too. Get on that shit.

Gainesville, FL Fight Scene

Dumb thread, dumb OP, dumb title.


thread title should be Gainesville: NO YUN"S ALLOWED


good games to everyone today had fun , see u on the weekend


UMvC3 vids from the New York event they had today. Enjoy.


Good find, phil. I couldn’t go to sleep anyway so now I have something to watch.


What’s the word on 3s? does your Ps2 work Rob?


I vote for Saturday, but I can play either.


Yes it does work. We can play it this weekend.

BTW: Casual games at my place tomorrow from 3pm to whenever. If you’re new PM me for the address.


It’s just a placeholder until after Rob’s because I know something will happen by then.


Also if someone can bring a ps3/360 that would be super duper.


I can. I have a monitor too but it’s laggy.


I got the monitors i just need one more system.


Casual games? There isn’t anything casual about bodying you Rob


That’s funny I don’t remember ever losing a single money match to you.


Our 1 Money Match? :l Mean bean Machine, 3S, Marvel, doesn’t matter. You’re getting bodied tomorrow.


what is with the trash talk? I will body all of you in SF3 and SF4… with Gen.


I think you all need to be prepared to be bodied by my day 2 guile. Spinning back fist must have super armor on it. Needs more wall bounce though.


i’ll be there today, was somebody already confirmed to bring a setup? if not i can bring a PS3.

i’ll also be bringing my copy of tekken for anybody who wants to learn the basics.


will there be marvel?