Gainesville Thread: UF Wednesday Night Fights, 18:30 - 22:00, Little Hall 221

im from Orange Park but i’ll be going to gainesville for the day. i’ll be heading towards the casuals today. i will bring my xbox just in case somebody would need it for the monitor.

Yes there will.

oh can someone also PM me the address too. thanks

same… ^^

Are you guys going to be playing tomorrow? I didn’t get up till… now.

Sorry. I’m only hosting today/tonight. Maybe someone else is hosting tomorrow. Not sure yet.

gg’s today xavier and dude that used sagat. wish i could have stayed longer but i’ll probably have work like every weekend now.

Hey I’m in that area semi-frequently. We should meet up sometime. More specifically, right by Fleming Island High School.

Really wish I could have made it out today. It seems like a lot of people came out today.

yeah alot of people did come today that’s for sure.

I take it, I’m the Sagat right? You were the chun/seth player, correct? I hope we can play more often

sorry i couldnt make it today parents were around all day , if anyone wants to play tomorrow let me know

All these players gathering in gville and rob carrying on my legacy…it brings tears of joys to my eyes…

Any chance you’ll be in town for the 27th? I could use any help/advice you could give towards running this gator gaming tournament.

Unfortunately not. My buddy rented a party bus for his bachelor party and we’re hitting up some strip clubs in Tampa that night. But gimme a call or whatever if you need any advice or whatever.

2001 Space Odyssey, right? Theres a damn spaceship on top of it!

Ok so i’m like 99% sure that i can go to the orlando tourney this tuesday. Is anyone besides David and me wanting to go? Its free tourney entry with no entry or venue fee but it’s 1st 32 people that will be able to go.
For any of the new people that haven’t heard of it here’s the link

EDIT: I’m also really really considering going to this tourney on saturday the 28th that registration starts at 5pm. Anyone interested or anyone who’s going out to Jacksonville saturday?

had a good time yesterday. things are looking up for the gainesville scene if everyone keeps attending and has a drive to compete. i am definitely going to have to brush up on AE as that seems to be the game of choice at the moment. speaking of brushing up, if i’m playing you guys in SF and am doing something stupid or falling for the same setup over and over, i’d appreciate some advice as to whats happening. i know basics and even intermediate stuff but there are some nuances to the system that i just dont get yet.

thank you to those of you that humored me and played some tekken. if anyone has a deeper interest, let me know and we can set something up. my marduk ownage will carry over to SFxT, just wait and see.

The Millhopper branch will be having a free MvC3 tourney on August 27, the same day as the Reitz Union tourney.

It starts at 1:00 and has to end by 4:00, but we usually only get enough people to make it last until 3:00.

Since the two tourneys don’t conflict with each other, it would be great if some of you guys could show up. There’s supposed to some kind of small prize, which usually ends up being a $5 or $10 dollar gift card. At the very least, it gives us some time to practice before the Reitz tourney.

Here’s the signup page. Signing up isn’t required to participate unless we reach the 32 player cap (which we only reached once, when we had a Brawl tourney), but it would still be appreciated if you plan to go.

The signup page hasn’t been updated yet, but I talked to the TO and he confirmed the game/time. **Also, ignore the age limit.

I have actually never been there cuz we always end up across the street at mons venus, but I’m with a different crew this time and it’s my boy’s party so where ever he goes, I follow. But I am curious cuz after all…it is a spaceship…

Tuesday can’t come soon enough.