Gainesville vs Orlando (Llama vs Empire) 5on5


Michael Mixup Mixon, member of Empire Arcadia, sold out his own town of Gainesville, Florida and played for Orlando, Florida.

This tournament was 5on5 like the EC vs WC at EVO, 1 game, same teams.

Blaziniflo - Team Llama, ST-Empire, G-Unit - Scrub
Alex Garvin - G-Unit, - Storm/Cable/Cyc
Jon Sindel - G-Unit, ST-Empire - Scrub
Mohstdef - G-Unit, ST-Empire - Row
Erik Johnson - G-Unit - Shady K

Orlando and 1 Traitor:
Adam - Santhrax
Mixup - Empire Arcadia, ST-Empire - Shady K
Dennis - MSP
Jimmy - Santhrax
Eder - Storm/Cable/Sent (different orders)

Despite having the great Mixup on their team, Orlando just couldn’t keep it up long enough to pull out a victory. Final score was 13-12, Gainesville’s favor.


Wow, surprising results.
I’ll be different on Orlando’s home turf though :evil:


Mixup posting, i’m just gonna go ahead and letchaknow, bitch, my score vs gainesville was 5-0…


Empire > anyone lol


Was there an actual tournament or just 5 on 5?


There was a round robin tourney

1st mike
2nd erik
3rd eder


Coo coo, where was it at?
I read what Ed wrote, it wasn’t at DBS?

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Think about building/buying a gaming pc?
Think about building/buying a gaming pc?

Justin what are the characters used. I don’t know the slang. I need to keep up :frowning:

-Majin Cable