Gaining weight and putting on mass. Any fitness people with advice?


I’m trying to put on a few pounds. I’ve always been thin, and anything I might put on I burn off from break dancing. Any tips on what I should eat to gain more weight without doing harm to my body?


It only takes five seconds of google searching…


lift weights and eat a lot.


just eat alot of mcdonalds and bench press every day



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good info, and if you ask there, you’re guaranteed a good response if you get one (and you definitely will)


If your skinny, then you probably have a fast metabolism.

Firstly, your going to have to eat a shit ton. Around 5-6 small portions a day (about the size of your fist, maybe more). Make sure your eating every 2-3 hours. You want to condition your stomach and put it in a (if i recall correctly) anabolic state. This combined with a proper workout routine will give you great result. Also try to eat clean calories (avoid junk food). Depending on your current height/weight, have a goal of eating at least 2000-2500 calories everyday. Drink lots of water.


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As a quick reply, I’d say he’s already eating about 2500 calories. I’d recommend about 2700-3000 calories.


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