Gainsvillie Results 11/23... MAXIMUS'es return!

A very cool tournament brought to you by the nice people in Gainsvillie… so here are the MVC2 team results.

  1. Team Ratio 4 Mad-Cow-Diesease (aka Team Tampa)

Ben Acosta (BshidoHEAT)- Doom/Storm/Cyc
Mike Mixon (aka Mixup) - a team COMBOFINED, MSC, MCP… etc…
Pete Roasa (Big Pete Roasa) - Team Scrub, Team Originality (Storm/Sent/Other)

  1. Team Jax

Craig Defour (MAXIMUS)- Team Scrub
Rapheal- (Sorry, I don’t know which teams he used… :()
Xander Machette(Weapon X) - Spiral/Cable/Sent, MSC

  1. Team Gainsvillie

Erik Johnson (DBS) - Magneto/Storm, Sentinel/Ironman, CapCom
Will- Sorry I don’t know what teams he used :frowning:
Justin Zhou (Blaziniflo) - Cable/Storm/CapCom.


Team R4 MCD (Mad Cow Disease) won w/ Mike getting the majority of the points… but I took out Team Orlando all by myself!!! :evil:

Team Orlando… I mean the REAL Team Orlando wasn’t there… that’d be Adam/Jimmy/Eder… I hope you guys come to the next one :wink:

Pretty fun tournament… I can’t believe how bad my Storm is… I’ll get a huge lead w/ Doom’s APA xx Hail… and still lose… :frowning:

Or maybe is it that Team Jax is too good? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah… Team Tally had to leave early… :bluu: Ed n Company I hope you guys can make it too the next one.

Xander has a mean MSC… he BEAT Mikes MSC…and Mike returns w/ MSP!

Good tourney ya’ll!

MVC2 - Singles

  1. Mike Mixon (Mixup) - MSC, MSP, Team COMBOFIEND
  2. Craig Defour (MAXIMUS) - Team Scrub, Team Originality.
  3. Xander Machette (Weapon X) - Spiral/Cable/Sentinel, MSC.
  4. Justin Zhou (Blaziniflo) - Storm/Cable/CapCom
  5. Erick Johnson (DBS) - Mag/Sent, Storm/Ironman, CapCom

NOTES- This is from memory… so I don’t know if Justin and Erick’s places we’re right… but fun tourney anyway… I think Mike used Team COMBOFIEND for the grand finals…

Xander gets REALLY lucky against me in the first round… whaaddapunk… I’ll get you back man!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know much after I lost tho… I was out… hopefully someone will post more notes.

For the rest of the games… Tr3nt won… (CVS2 Ratio and singles tournaments, and SSMB)

Sorry I don’t know the full results… but Mike got top in the CVS2 tournaments… using Pee Groove! :eek:

Anyway… I believe that this is Mikes last major tournament before NEC3… (besides the rinky dink TL tournaments :p)

Good luck Mike at NEC3!!

I’d personally like to say… sorry to my friend Allen (Asian Demon) we slept at 3:00AM on Saturday… and we couldn’t wake up in time… sorry we missed you man… I really feel like shit. Next time we’ll all spend the night at Pete’s place.

I think we should combine both threads for the full results:lol:

Oh yeah, and runaway storm will get caught eventually:D

Mad fun tourny guys, I met alot of really tight people I had fun I hope we can all do this again soon…

Mike pete and ben are mean…they left allen in tampa:( :frowning:

God has gifted the mighty mixup with the hands of the mesiah!

p.s. pete is mike ms daddy

lol team scrub that ish . Kool tourny , wish i was there. Team JAx hold that ish… cammy sux , dance commando dance

I already told him I was very sorry about it… next time we’ll all stay at Pete’s place… no confusion this next time :wink:

:lol::lol: I wanna come to petes house and get drunk:D

Wut up wid this tho???daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hey Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Dragon…

Sorry I didn’t IM you back… for some reason… I got the stupid little “program fucked up would you like to close the program… ‘yes’ or 'no but click it anyway and it will close”:bluu: