Ok,If you play 2d fighters on the ps2 or ps3,and you live in any of these spots,let me know if you ever want to get to together and play. I’m not much of a fan of MVC2 but I do luv the Streetfighter. Streetfighter 3 Third Strike,Street Fighter Alpha series, Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo. Just holla at me,man. The only problem I have is that I don’t know anybody who is realy into Streetfighter as much as I am,so I might be a little rusty. Although in the past I used crush the lifegaurds at my pool in Super Streetfighter 2. And crush some friends in the aplha series. Anyways…If ya ever wanna play,hit me up. :wink:


My friends and I live in Baltimore, which isn’t TOO far away from these areas. I have groups of friends that play different games. If you want to play some SF, I’ll be down as well as some of my friends, depending on which game you want to play. I’m not very good at those games, but they’re fun and I do enjoy playing them, so I’ll try my best. :slight_smile:


Hahaha,I thought that pic in your Avatar was you! lol I feel so fuckin stupid now. I went and googled Joana Quan,and I found this hot model standing by a car.Man…I was like, “oh shit”, this hot asian chic wants to go chill and play some games. Damn…I still live with my folks,though. And they don’t even let me have company. Fuck…okay,well,if anybody around here got a house or their folks let people over,maybe we can get a group together and play. I don’t suck,it’s just that I don’t know people who play fuckin Streetfighter. I’m stuck playing the fuckin comp all the time. lol, I have to put it on the highest difficulty. Ok,so if any of you guys wanna try an round some dudes up an play,let me know. Oh,Asiandaisy,I can’t drive,dude. :sweat:. So i don’t know if we can chill. Can’t have folks over,too. Ohwell…There were 23 views of this post,so atleast I know i’m not the only one around here who plays fighting games. Alright,peace. :wgrin:


lol, that’s not very much help then.


Hey,if anyone is interested,there is a place at Rockville Pike called X30,and they’re going to host Streetfighter 4 tournaments every friday at 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm. We are also starting a new tournament series called Take it to the Streets. X3O will be hosting two Street Fighter IV (PS3) tournaments EVERY Friday at 8:00PM and 10:00PM. It costs $10.00 to play and there is a cash purse each and every tournament. We will also be ranking all of our players so that you will finally know how you stand against the best. Check out for more information about the Take it to the Streets. Ride-on bus 46 drops you off right next to it.


Oh,and it’s on Merinelli Rd. The bus will tell you when you’re there,but if you live around here,I think you already know that. I’m an idiot. :wtf:


have you played at x3o before koryuken? who are you?


Nope,haven’t played there yet. My name is Daniel.


Come and check this gathering out, guys.

Great way to meet new players, chill, and have an awesome time!

pm me for any info that you’d like.

Hope to see some new heads and old heads there. ^^


I play on Xbox, but I still think it’s worth posting here since this thread specifically caters to me. I live and work in Gburg, and I’m playing both SFHD and SFIV right now. My gamertag is listed to the left.


sup ppl, i live in gaithersburg also and trying to get on the local scene too. thanks for the info on x30 daniel, i’ll check it out this friday and possibly see u there. i’ll also be checking out that gathering in PA that asiandaisy’s talking about since its about an hour away.


You guys should check some of the threads already dedicated to MD. There’s already been pretty large gatherings going on in Gaithersburg/Germantown for the past few weeks.

First week 40 people showed up.


Cool, hope to see you there. I’ll pm you my number just in case you get lost. And my name is Pete btw.

You know what? Come to think of it, we do have a lot of players here in MD, lol.


I’m in Germantown. Hit me up. I have gatherings at my boy’s place every Friday pretty much. You should come train up with us. I won’t be around for the next couple weeks though cuz of the big tourney in Atlanta and some other random stuff I’m doing the week after.


I’m at the Gaithersburg/Germantown border. Are these gatherings still being held weekly? As long as it’s not 3S (which I hold nothing against), I’m interested in leveling up in SFIV and duking it out in STHD.


Well I used to have a gathering with my college boys every Friday and we used to play 3S every weekend because that was the game we all liked to play then. I’ve moved on from 3S though and trying to concentrate more on SFIV. You can better believe all we play is SFIV now. We might still whip out the 3S every once in a while but…we’ve seen so much in 3S now that SFIV is just way too new to not pick up and learn more about.

I like HD Remix too. We can set up a system with that once in a while to mix things up too. Hit me up on PM if anyone wants to meet up.


DevilJin let us know when ur back from ATL and we can link sometime. i’m in gaithersburg.


come to x3o, im there every weekend playing sf4 and tatsunoko vs capcom
call in advance though because sometimes they have birthday parties that they reserve the consoles for

im usually there during the week too, just ask me for my email or aim and we can set up a time to meet and play


I work up in the rockville/silver springs area on weekends and am down for games after work, at around 6:00 pm.