Galaga cabinet game transfer?

:confused: does anyone out there know if its possible to change a galaga arcade to a SF cabinet…???

because my girlfriends father gave us this old galaga game he got for free and she wanted to know if we could somehow switch the games…???

is it possible?

If its a jamma cab then yes, you just unplug the galaga board from the jamma harness and put your sf2 one in its place (consisting of 2 boards a and b)
How many buttons on your cab? I doubt its got the six needed for sf2.
You will also need a kick harness to connect the extra 3 buttons to the game. As jamma only normally supports 3.
If you have any pictures of the inside it would help.

There is a chance it is a dedicated cab, this would mean you cant change games.

thanks for the help…i dont know if its dedicated or not…so ill see if i can get those pics

yeah i was thinking that i would add some new happ comp buttons but i didnt know how so thank you

do you think it would be a lost cause to do all this stuff or should i go for it?:wgrin:

You may be better off selling it, people collect those things and get pretty excited over original cabinets.

Your best bet for all onfo would be to post on
Final cut is right. Some original cabs are worth quite a lot, if anyone would know how much killercabs would.

Most Galaga cabinets are not JAMMA. Trading it off for a different cabinet style might work out better because of the layout. If you keep the cabinet, you’ll pretty much be rewiring the whole thing.

Take a look at GALAGA @ KLOV and you’ll see how the panel is designed to fit between the sides of the cabinet. If you get a different cabinet, it may be easier to extend the panel out to the sides and get more shoulder room. Plus it may already be wired for JAMMA+.

Especially if its an actual Galaga cabinet, no. You might as well build a new one from scratch. The control panel is metal, the stick in it is 2 way (left and right only, and right in the middle of the control panel) the monitor is orientied vertical, wiring’s different, sound is mono, and putting two sticks and all the SF buttons, there just isn’t enough room to do it right. It would be a travesty.

If its another cabinet converted to run Galaga, then maybe. But an actual Galaga cabinet would be a waste.