Galaxy Fight

Yeah, this game has no potential as a legit fighter, but it’s strangely endearing. So all fans of trash games, unite!

Also, I’m making a combo video of Galaxy Fight. So far I’ve got the following:

Juri’s close/crouch :snka: xN, crouch :snkb: , rolling slicer
Rolf’s Rapid Crash shenanigans
G. Done’s infinite.

Any more things would be appreciated.

Isn’t Galaxy Fight that game with the bunny girl (can’t remember her name)?

You know what, this game should be played by Team Best from Now.

Yep, the bunny girl was Roomi. Seems like 90% of the people who know about Galaxy Fight know about it because of her. :looney:

Though the Best from Now idea is fantastic, this game is perfect fodder for that. There’s G. Done’s super-easy throw infinite, and all sorts of other brokenness (Kazuma’s uppercut does HALF DAMAGE), not to mention the zaniness of the characters in general. And let’s not forget the crazy-ass system. For example, pick Rolf. Do a close C on your opponent, and he’ll just be in hitstun. Do a second close C and the opponent will FLY ACROSS THE DAMN SCREEN.

Is this zaniness in the Saturn version as well?

I think so, I’m pretty sure that the Saturn version is a direct port, and the only thing different is slightly better graphics and an arranged soundtrack, IIRC. I don’t think they cared enough about it to tinker with it :rofl: .

And G. Done is top tier…best character in the game ironically…

I hope you all will get the Sunsoft collection when this and Waku Waku 7 (the sequel) come out for PS2…

What about Astra Superstars?

A re-release of that would be awesome, as one would no longer have to fork out $200+ on eBay for the Saturn release.

wishes he had a modded Saturn so he could play a h4x copy

Most definitely. All I remember about him is his throw infinite, and his df+C being really good, though. I also remember that Juri takes a close second with her great damage off of anything.

if you guys are talking about G.Done’s back+C throw i really don’t think that’s an infinite, they just wake up right in front of you
it does give you a fucked up mixup but i’m fairly sure they can wakeup cr.a you into whatever

LOL I payed $150 last year for mine. LOL

I know it’s slightly annoying but you could always do the swap trick. Used to play my saturn nonstop until it died =/

I agree… I have seen Alvin do what looks like a throw infinite with his forward+B in a cmv, but I’ve only seen this done to Gunther only, as when he throws Gunther, he’s not knocked back or pushed away too from Alvin.

As for best character??? Musafar is pretty solid. Plus he has some good throw combos, and has a really simple Reversal! :looney:

There’s a swap trick to play burned games on a non-modded Saturn? I think you have a PM you need to send :wgrin:

You’ve found a Galaxy Fight combo video? :amazed: WHERE WAS THIS?

Now I can’t make one… :sad:

It’s called Action Replay to be able to play import games on a Saturn and also works as ram.

I have the 4-in-1 Action Replay, but I interpreted Paro-Da’s message to be that there is a swap method to play copied games on a Saturn (my bad). Copies of Astra Superstars are prohibitively expensive, hence my desire for a burned version until it’s released under some collection. But that’s a story for another thread, as this pretty off-topic already.

*Above Omnipotence: How do you find the game? I’ve only seen a few match videos and it looks fun, but also somewhat limited. What’s your take?

My only contribution to this thread

Gunter was the shit.

Good day

So that is where the bunny chick came from…

Oddly enough, I remember Astra Superstars. That game was crazy fun.

It’s definitely fun. I’ve got my copy from Ebay. LOL It’s got all the wacky combos like MVC2 and GG does. Difference is that you’re fighting in the air.