Gallery request

Hi. I think we’ve all played SF Collection 2, right? Well, I’m looking the image gallery pencil made (SSF 2 characters). Can’t find it anywhere :S

Here you have one of the pictures of it:

SFAE guide has all of them. . . .I’ll scan them tomorrow if no other help.

I’d appreciate it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Please :frowning:

I’m sorry dawg; I forgot. . . .which ones do you want in particular?. . . .the AE guide has like 2 for each character. . . .

All :blush:

Eh I forgot my scanner is trash . . . .this is what one scan looks like:

Edit did find this. . . .



It’s ok, I really appreciate your help, I’ve been looking for them like… forever :frowning:

I can post some scans later today, if you’d like.

Here ya go!
It’s from Street Fighter Eternal Challenge.

Whoa! Thanks a lot!

I thin I’ll get an emulator and take screenshots from sf collection 2… AND POST THEM :@ haha