Gambit Advance combos

Does anybody have any gambit combos some good advanced ones i just started on this forums stuff and i wanted to know if there are any good combos for him because from looking on the gambit forums hes pretty sweet so if anybody could help me out with some of his expert combos that would be great also should i use casiun slash attacks alot or his cajin strikes for cross-ups?

best thing to do is dash in and do a low magic series then as you’re about to end call some type of cover assist then do a cajun strike, free chip and hopefully cross up. If they pushblock, end ground chain with a jab cajun slash which should keep you mostly relatively safe from counter attacks.

As for flashy combos, if you ever catch an opponent with a fierce trick card, do a jab trick card then a fierce kinektic card and a jab kinectic card XX Royal Flush.

Or you can do a trick card XX Cajun Explosion super.

Also I’ve been told that gambit has hailstorm like recovery from his cajun explosion super (when he jumps to a corner of the screen and lotsa big bursts from the ground come out)

Something else that’s noticeable, if you wavedash and throw a trick card, you’ll be a bit off the ground if you time it right and that avoids certain sweep attacks.


thanks alot for the tips and i hope that i can pull these off in the real game so i will be posting if i have a problem.:smiley:

Oh yea what are u talking about when u said he has something like storms hailstorm recovery does that mean u can otg from it?

I ment that once you get the cajun explosion out the recovery is almost instant or maybe is instant but I have never been punished when I force the opponent to block this super. Problem is getting hit on your way up.

still watch out when attempting the cajun explosion, because you can get hit out of it pretty easy.

gambit doesn’t really need combos, because he is kind of slow to get into an opponent, unless you have a very good helper to protect you.

jump back fierce with gambit is good. but his style i believe is using his cross ups with cajun strike… calling your helper and cajun strike all over the place…but thats me…

i didnt know people played this character at all…

kinetic card in the air is good too because you stay in the air for awhile

ive stop storm from hail storming my ass with this move…keeps sent. on the ground too…

but cable uuggh!!! hard.