Gambit-any1 still play him?

so… been experimenting with random low tiers lately (mayb mid tiers too but frankly, after storm, sent, cable and magz, i dont keep track of tiers)…was playing with magz(proj)/gambit(proj)/cyke(aa) and HOLY CRAP GAMBITS ASSISTS IS BEASTLY!:eek: i was just messing around and i was like… rush in with magz, random gambit assist, OTG! wah?! sorry if i sound like an idiot but i had never used gambit b4 and it just looked real nice… any other tactics with magz and gambit? or i was reading in earlier posts about using gambit to set up im-any advice with that? also, feel free to post up any tactics u find cuz im just trying to learn him, and i’ll b sure to post anything i find…laterz

I love this combo. Mag/Gambit (projectile assist) + gambit, c.hp, sj.hp (They land on gambits kinetic card and are stuck there) come down and slowly do lk, mk and then do the ROM infinite. i allways get “OooooohhhhH!!!” when I do it. It seems to work best on Doom.

sweet combo man… course i gotta practice my rom a little first (was out o the game for a bit and kinda lost my touch with magz)

so…ive read thru all the other gambit stuff- guess im wondering if any1 has found new tactics for him… and if there r any big gambit fans out there, u might want to try and convince me to play him cuz as of right now hes not looking too hot :frowning: i just suck at him and am busy experimenting with so many characters i gotta drop some o them… but i’ll try him out a little more and see wat happens…

some stuff i do with Sent drones

down lk/lp+drones, standing mk, standing mp, hp, drones hit, do a kinetic card, short pause, royal flush super (don’t remember if this has to be corner or not)

also if you call out the drones…right b4 they hit them…do his kick super so he goes across the screen…it will cross them up and the drones will hit from behind making this an unblockable…they have to be blocking b4 you do the super which is pretty hard to do.

Gambit is by far my favourite character. My main team is sent/im/gambit. I find he works best by playing very randomly and abusing his priority.
His proj assist is godly. Nothing like blocking a rushdown mag and waiting for the assist to hit then punishing them.

Also works great at a distance. Sometimes I’ll spit with sent and they block and try to sj only to get hit with gambit assist right after resulting in RP to super with sent.

You can also do some fun stuff with IM. Like,, gambit assist, (card hits) start inf with kick. Or jump in and call gambit and do a neutral fierce. They’ll block and try to punish and get hit with the card.

My main tactics with gambit on point is to confuse my opponent. I abuse the hell out of the jumping fierce, the priority is sick. And if your opponent dares attack you from above without tri jumping simply launch them.
Keep the opponent guessing and confused after you air combo them.
Follow the combo with a, , c,roundhouse then use the walls as distraction. Or simply throw them after they get up from a combo if they are an assist abuser.
Or better yet - my fav - simply do an off the wall super and let their assist eat it.
My random gambit has won me many comebacks :slight_smile:

thanx for the advice- went up against a sick gambit the other day, but to b honest im thinkin he might not b worth the effort learning- he just takes so much damage… might as well keep improving a character im already ok with like psy…

learn and play who you wanna play. any non top tier character in this game is gonna be hard to play with. any win you get with a character like Gambit is rewarding and respectable though. Gambit can be won with. Zaza and Jwong have both done it…i’m sure there are others too.

well some non top tiers r easier to play with than others (for me anywayz) i seem to favor morrigan, akuma, ken, felicia, mayb others im not thinkin of right now… so im not givin up on low tiers, i just took a breka from gambit, but i might get back to him…