Gambit Combos and Glitch

Please feel free to post any combo that you know with Gambit.

1 of the combos that use is dash then LP, LK, MK, C.HK (sweep) then Cajun Slash (HP or HP+LK)
For Gambit’s glitch do a snap back (X out) pressing the 2nd assist button, charge (holiding down) for his Cajun Strike and go toward the left side of the screen and he glides off the screen.

You can try launching them up in the air and see if Storms typhoon assist knocks them back up so you can combo into it after. A friend of mine told me about that.

But real talk, in order to compete competitively, pick a lamer character. Go team MSP or something or else we could money match and you can try to pick Gambit against me. We’ll see what happens.

We shall C. C’mon mon ami.

Theres some cool stuff with Gambit…

Like he mentioned, lp2/ strike mixup. A cool thing with the strike is you can delay it coming down with a decent assist (like Doom or BH). Or Thanos capture…
The glitch is only for DC and the arcade (which sucks if you ask me) Dont forget about his 37 card slash, you can connect it with cr.hp, with his staff knocking the opponent back down to the tattooing assault. But you have to position yourself properly though, because it will whiff if not leaving him open (against Cable ahvb etc…)