GAMBIT (projectile) IRONMAN (projectile) DR DOOM (anti air) ------ combos and notes



GAMBIT in the front aka on point aka on pizzoint

regular jump-hard punch on the way down- light kickx2 plus unibeam assist at the same time- LP kinetic card- royal flush super or something else…

This combo= approximately 25% damage

down hard punch aka gambit’s launcher and dooms rock assist at the same time- magic series aka LP LK LP LK or LK LP LK LP in the air- Hard Punch in the air- rocks should connect with opponent’s body on the way down- Hard Punch or when touching the ground, upforward regular jump Hard Punch Hard Kick. the opponent’s body should be juggling in the air. Or upforward regular jump + magic series + combo ending with a HP or LK. Or air kinetic card with LP on the way down+ HP +HK

close range with doom assist–down LK LK + doom assist at the same time- standing HK - upforward kinetic card with LP- dooms rocks should land- regular jump upforward+ magic series starting with LP-- Hard punch hard kick

simple super combo with doom assist---- hold down LK LK HK sweep- call doom assist- royal flush super.
note: you can tell before you do the super if they are going to roll off the ground

combo #5
standing magic series starting with either LP or LK and unibeam assist at the same time + royal flush super connects

Note: for good timing, look closely at doom’s rocks when you bring him out so you know when they are exactly going to hit.

LK LK or LP LP + unibeam assist at the same time- standing HP- upforward kinetic card with LP- you can do a quick dash and launcher to an air combo or wall super or royal flush super------ You can also do upforward kinetic card with HP and immediately standing kinetic card with LP + flush super.

Note: Hp kinetic card + Lp kinetic card connects without an assist but Lp kinetic card Lp kinetic card doesnt connect…

Sameside reset
Launcher- wait 1 second- upforward LP kinetic card ( if it lands you can go for an air combo or regular jump upforward magic series with option to call assist when you regular jump upforward) Combo should end in Hp Hk

note: Gambit’s regular jump magic series HP HK are good because not all characters can finish regular jump combos with HP+HK