Gambit Royal Flush Glitch



I hear alot of people talking in the fighting game section that saying “The Gambit glitch is broken” I’ve yet to understand what the Gambit Glitch is.

Another person said “I wonder if it’s the unlimted royal flash combo that go’s on forever until the player Decides to stop.”

I was just wondering what the deal with this is.


The gambit glitch is when you the snap out with assist-B,doesn;t have to connect, then you do his move where you chage downthen u+HK. Then he’ll fly straight up and dissappear for the whole match and there’s niothing anyone can do except for wait for time.


Thanks, i’ll try it out tonight.


Ok well I sat down for about 30 min. trying to get the glitch to work, seems I can’t get it no matter how hard I try. Could ya be more specific on how to set it up? Thanks


snapback with assist-b (aka the one by rh), then do a lk pigeon strike off the left wall…thas the last time u’ll see him


^ LoLz @ pigeon strike. . . Cajun Strike. Anyway, I thought he was talking about the thc/Royal Flush glitch? If so, It’s like this. If your partner does a THC, and you have gambit, call an assist out and do royal flush. If the THC sreen was still activated, and the asssist took the beating for gambit, he’ll keep throwing cards until EVERYBODY’s gone, either from BD or raw hits from cards. Now there’s an infinite for ya. Only exceptions are it cant be no beams (with the exception of beams that are stopped when they hit the assist, i.e. Cyclops Mega Optic Blast). . . . Umm I forget other stipulations. . .


The Cajun Strike glitch seems to only work on original marvel vs. capcom 2 games like Arcade and Dreamcast. The Xbox and PS2 versions are not the original game, notice the new title and SFX, seems like the glitch was fixed.