Gambit with cable aaa



was playing with gambit a bit today (btw im new, never played mvc2 until xbla)

i called in the aa cable assist, hit some high cards pretty much as soon as the op got hit and lifted, and the op stayed just off the ground with cable finishing the upper cut motion with damage and blue stun at just above ground height. i believe i hit him with another set of cards (or just hit him) and followed up with a combo launch etc. when cable was done. has anyone experienced this or actually uses it? wat r the options from this position?


There are plenty of options after that. One, is to kinda play the cross-game. When cable uppercuts em, cross over to the other side, NOT with his super though. Use the move where he jumps off the wall and strikes downwards. This is simple, but it kinda confuses your opp. And from that point on, well…work on his ground combos. Another tip, is to just let them come down from the attack. Yeah I know…it seems kinda boring, huh? But once theyve come down, theyre most likely in defense mode, meaning theyre not intially trying to attack. Now, you can use his quick cajun strike, its suprising to them. Or, you can do one of his supers while their being launched upwards. If you use his card slash, you may need to throw some cards out before doing the super. As far as his wall super, thats pretty simple.