Gambit's infinites?

Anyone knows if Gambit has any infs or Sent-only ones???


nope. not a one. BUTTTTTTTT. assist snap while holding down then cajun strike with hk gives you the funniest move in the game

does he have an infinite? Something with a bunch of cards??

can you do that bug on the PS2?
i tried or am i doin something wrong

nah you cant do it on the ps2 version. the only glitches i know on it, is grabbing mech gier (or armor colossus) with mag or iceman then snapping them out.

Are you sure? I thought a friend of mine did Gambit’s High jump glitch. Make sure you’re using the assist 2 snap out and when you cajun Strike make sure you do it to the left wall.

I thought Gambits can’t do High jump glitch

Abit off topic but anyone know that combo where you throw cards 5 times IIRC and then finish with Royal Flush?

Read Viscants post half way down

What do you know gambit has an infinite. Found by me as far as I know. Training mode only and i think its more of a glitch then anything, might only be ps2 training mode compatible too since i havnt testesd it anywhere else.

[qcf+lp] repeat in brackets

Easy huh? Just set cpu to safe roll and bam they connect. No safe roll and the stun isnt long enough for them to chain. If anyone can tell me why this happen then go for it, as i have no reason for why this happens. :confused:

Read this…

Damn. And here i was thinking I had found it :frowning: Anyway augmint been trying to get in touch with you. Looking for some games at replay.

I’ve been messing around with a new team of mine called team cajun. Mag/Sent(rocket punch)/Gambit(projectile). The team actually holds up well. Magneto can do a really unorthadox style of rush down with the gambit assist. It covers him very well because of the slight delay, plus combos out of the coolest shit. With sentinal it works even nicer, comboing off of his three hits allowing you to launch or whatever. Anyway, this glitch seems fucking cool, if they’re gonna tech roll, throw more cards, if not then OTG them. I was only able to get 3 sets of cards to connect though. How many have you guys gotten?

his infinite on sent is jumping toward lk mk hk