Game audio hinders my execution *weird*

Hearing the hits connecting in game really hinders my combo timing. I started playing recently with music on and the game audio very low and my execution was noticeably better. Not hearing the hits in game and even better hearing my button inputs on the stick really works for me.

Obviously in game hit sounds are delayed (by differing amounts depending on startup) from when your fingers are actually hitting the buttons, I think my brain is waiting for these audio cues in combo timing which is not ideal. Basing timing off finger-on-button sounds helps with getting the right rhythm I think.

On the flip side, hit-confirming is harder without sound.

Any one else find this?

Yes, I often play with headphones on listening to trance, haha. (although I’ve been trying and failing to not listen while playing recently, but yeah…)
but I dont know about the hit confirms being harder. Seems about the same to me.

Man, in Marvel the sound and even the display throws off my timing for some things. Doing Cr.LMHS with Nova is weird to me. I push the buttons in sequence then *literally wait *for the action to occur on screen before going into the combo.