Game Collecting Issues

I’ve decided to begin buying back-up copies [new] of my ps2 fighters, and I’ve come across an issue. I can find all of them for reasonable prices except CvS2 [PS2]. is selling it for about $140. I could either buy it for that price, or I could wait a few weeks for Capcom to re-distribute CvS2 [Japanese] for $20 on If I were to get the Japanese version of that, then I might as well get all of my back-up games in Japanese.

My main concern is whether or not to buy CvS2 [US] or [JAP]. Since PS3 isn’t backwards compatible, I’m wondering how I’m going to play the [JAP] games when/if my [US] PS2 breaks down, or when Sony stops production on the PS2. Also, is it a good idea to get a [Jap] PS2 if most of my games are Japanese?

My list consist of:

Capcom Vs SNK 2
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
King of Fighters XI [US release]
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core [US release; when the bugs are fixed]
Tekken Tag Tournament

Try or, you should be able to find CvS2 for less than $50 in those sites.

seriously…it’s called ebay, dude

and has there actually been an official announcement of a us release of kof xi?

I’ve tried eBay, Half, and estarland, but there aren’t any new copies there [besides the $130 ones].

SNK Playmore message boards says it’s coming out Sept/Oct so far, but you never know.

Fatal Fury Battle Archives was announced for August and now Amazon is taking pre-orders, so I guess it’s credible…

SNKP has it in the “in development” section of their site.

Also, SNKP forums list KOFXI as an upcoming release (September 2007)

Oh, you want a new copy… I didn’t pay much attention to your first post. Good luck finding one at a decent price. Buying the JPN version might be your best bet then.

Since when?:confused:

What I meant to say was that it wasn’t “region-free” backwards compatible. [Play import ps1/ps2 games on ps3.

IIRC it is. And if it’s not it should be.

If I do that, then shouldn’t I get a Jap. PS2 for backup, just in case sony stops production in the years to come?

I’ve got a suggestion, stop saying Jap, it’s a slur.


wow, so kof xi in september and ngbc in october? cancels ebay watch items on import versions

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Try Gamestop or EBGames. I bought a used copy at EBGames for $7.00.

The only other place I know for old new games, is Their known for reprinting Rez. Looks like they are out of stock on CVS2, but you should check it every once in a while.

Thanks, I’ll be sure to check on it regularly. If worst come to worst, I’ll just spend the $150 on an extra copy.

That wasn’t necessary either…

And new PS2’s will always be available from somewhere, North American and Japanese. I wouldn’t worry about it not being able to get one.

I seriously doubt you’ll have a problem finding a PS2 if yours breaks. They are still living stong in Japan.

Even if they go out of production, you can still find minty dreamcasts for good prices nowadays, I assume it will be the same for the PS2.