Game console S-Video


I currently have a 22 inch HDTV from Samsung. However, the tv does not have composite or s-video conncetions. It does have HDMI, DVI, VGA, component, and coaxile connections. I want to hook my SEGA Saturn up to the tv, but I have an off brand RF Adapter, which just pushes in instead of screwing in, and gives me poor quality picture that looks grey, fuzzy, and has scan lines. I looked online, and even the SEGA brand doesn’t screw in.
Long story short, I want to get better picture quality on my SEGA Saturn without spending an arm and a leg. I purchaced an RF-Modulator with S-video in, and I was wondering how much better would the picture be if I go from S-video, into the RF-Modulator, and into the tv with a screw in cable. I’m not sure, but I believe S-video is supposed to be a better picture quality than Coax, so I’m just checking. Also, would using a gold plated cable help?


RF < Composite < S-Video < Component

The quality will be the same because even if you’ll be using S-Video, which is slightly better than RF, in the end the modulator will transform the signal to the RF output. (and given the signal is analog there will be loss of quality).

Maybe you already hear this, but CRT’s are the best option to play old consoles. Even PS2 games look like crap on my HDTV, and I’m using component cables.


See, that’s what I thought. I’m hoping that using a higher end cord and maybe a gold plated cable that screws in instead of pushing in, that I’ll at least get better signal quality than what I’m getting. I’ve found boxes that let me go from S-Video to HDMI, which I imagine would not loose signal quality, but they’re around $70, and that’s too much.
Funny thing though… I have my SEGA Dreamcast hooked up to my HDTV via VGA, and it looks great, especially the 3D games.


You know, converting from S-Video to HDMI is like converting a VHS movie to Blu Ray: The only reason you may want to do that is because you can’t play the original format anymore since there won’t be any gain in quality, and you could even get worse quality if the converter is bad.

Gold plated connectors usually help in analog video, but I think they’re not worth the price.


Something like this would be about the only way:

DealExtreme: $39.99 TV Composite + S-Video to VGA Adapter Box - 1024*768px Max (NTSC/PAL)

Can’t speak for the quality of that particular unit, but it’s pretty much your only option.


Sega Saturns do put out 15Khz RGB natively - like JAMMA or SCART setups. You can get converters for that in the $40 range, but you’ll have to do a little wiring to make it work.