Game controller is working OK, but Kaillera isn't recognizing

Is there any FAQ anymore that might help my problem out?

My stick/converter work fine on GGPO, but I can’t get Kaillera to recognize, is this a common occurrence?

Thanks in advance.

Did you make sure joystick input is enabled in the properties? You do know you have to set the buttons “in game” with tab menu right?

It’s enabled, but I can’t get any of the buttons to work, what settings should I have in the properties concerning the stick?

try xpadder?

What’s xpadder?

Umm…kaillera doesnot work with sticks…MAME does. Get your stick to work properly offline with mame and it’ll automatically work with kaillera.

File->Properties->Controllers->joystick enabled
File->Properties .cps3->Controllers->joystick enabled