Game Controllers in Control Panel does nothing

I’ve been having this issue for a while now. The Game Controllers program in my Control panel does do anything. I double click it the hour glass comes up, then nothing. This doesn’t seem to prevent me from using controllers in games, but it’s getting really annoying since I have to plug into another computer to check button functionality. Also I don’t know just what number controller each controller/stick I plug in is being assigned.

There seems to be very little about this online. I’ve tried uninstalling other usb devices on my system, and I still get nothing. Any ideas? I’m certainly not reinstalling my entire OS.

what type of windows do you use?

Try different USB ports

XP Pro SP3 32bit

Are the drivers for the controller installed on that system (from a disc or online)?

It’s not a driver issue, as it doesn’t matter what controller is plugged in,the application simply does nothing.

Try this:

Start > Run > type in “services.msc”, and look for these two services:

  • Plug and Play
  • HID Input Service

If either or both are not labeled as “Started”, double-click them, and set them to run Automatically, and start them. If they’re both running, there may be a serious issue with those services.

Both are listed as started and automatic.

My controllers, sticks, all other interface device still operate fine on my machine. I just can’t seem to start up the Game Controllers application at all. I had to take a pen and paper and write down the numbers for my button input from plugging into a computer upstairs. After that I was able to map just fine.

I’m thinking there’s an issue with joy.cpl in my system 32 folder. I once attempted to replace it with the same file from another XP Pro system but that just gave me an error.