Game Crazy Launch Tournament Feb 16---Cheltenham, PA

Hello, My name is qNeMeSiSp and like many others am excited for the upcoming release of Street Fighter IV. Because of this I will be hosting tournaments on the launch night of Street Fighter IV. There will be three tournaments for that evening. All information is posted below.

Cheltenham Game Crazy/Hollywood Video
1000 Easton Rd
Wyncote/ Cheltenham PA, 19150

$5 SSF2HDRX (Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix) Available on both PS and Xbox 360
$5 Street Fighter III: Third Strike
$10 Street Fighter IV **
$15 To play in all three.
$5 late fee for any sign-ups after a given time.

Time: Feel free to show up earlier then the time listed below. Also times may vary if the number of participants is larger or smaller than expected if you wish to inquire any information call 215-886-8895.
Monday, Feb 16, 2009
5:30 PM -Registration Will open for all tournaments
6:00 PM -HD Remix Begins, Reg for HD closes.
7:00 PM - Free play
8:00 PM - Street Fighter 3 - Third Strike, Reg for SF3S closes.
9:00 PM - Free Play
10:00 PM -Street Fighter IV Free Play.
11:00 PM - Street Fighter IV, Reg fir SFIV closes.
12:00 AM - Launch of Street Fighter IV

Tournament Rules
-Prizes are as follows:
-HD Remix= $35 Game Crazy Gift Card
-SF3S = $45 Game Crazy Gift Card
-Street Fighter IV= Fight Stick Tournament Edition for PS3 or Xbox 360
- Also top three players will be sent to participate in a national tournament at a later time.
-Each tournament will be single elimination which will be best of 3 final matches in each shall be best of five matches.
-Button mapping is ok, programmable controllers are prohibited
-during a match, winner of a game, keeps character, loser may switch characters
-You are responsible for your own controller when your match comes up
-game pausing is prohibited will be dealt with in a strict manner. A pause equals an auto loss for one round.
-I will seed people by random lot.

Since this is At a retail store all bags will be checked in upon entering the store. Please tag any personal belongings that you may have because Game Crazy and Hollywood video are not responsible for any lost/stolen items.

You need to state the prizes before hand, to give people incentive to come.

P.S. The current pause rule is too generous. This gives everyone 1 do-over per match. Need to be strict about this stuff. You pause, you lose the round.

P.P.S. Tournaments are usually best 2/3, double elim, with the finals being 3/5. You may run into time problems with everything at 3/5.

Thanks for your comment. This is the first tourny im hosting so any advice on structure is welcome.

I’ll be attending this tournament. Oh and what system will SF4 be on and will be there a stick provided to play on or we have to use pads?

Haha, thats my hood I’m there!
-Will it be on ps3/360? Can we bring/use sticks?

You may bring whatever controller/ arcade stick you like. Please be accountable for anything you bring label it to know that it is yours. If you wish personal belongings maybe checked in behind the counter. Also HD and SF IV will be on whichever system it is requested for the most ( I see it being PS3) SF3S will be on PS2.

Ok cool

So we have to be there @ 5:30 or could we just show up a few mins before sf4 time?

Your starting sf4 at 11pm.

Eh sorry I’ll make that clear in the revision. Please look above.

Yes it is beginning at 11 PM. There may also be food for everyone at some point.

is this still on or is it being delayed? word is gamecrazys across the land are delaying the release by a day.

Yes The following tournament is postponed because of this delay until further notice

So its not happening anymore? :wonder:

the tournament is back on as planned although the prizes will be changed slightly

What prizes will be changed?

The SFIV prize will be changed since there will be no tournament sticks arriving for today. It will change into the dollar value of the tournament stick on a gift card. Also there will be no copies of SFIV for purchase due to the shipping delay. Also due to this issue SFIV will only be played on the Xbox 360.

Ah no midnight release! :sad:
Do you guys know when you will be getting SF4 in? I have my TE and sf4 reserved at another game crazy and wondering if you guys were on the same schedule. :sweat:
-I’ll be in attendance though. :wgrin:

bah! No second place prize + Demon Hyo = BAH!