Game cube arcade stick project road block


So i took it upon myself to make a game cube arcade stick. For really no reason other than a project and something to learn. I have a mad catz game cube controller and i gutted it down to the pcb. I got all the buttons to work with the standard arcade stick buttons but i ran into a road block making buttons for the directional inputs.

I could not find a picture of the mad catz pcb but i found a generic cube pcb. The madzatz board looks the same with a few minor differences. now the part that got me stuck is those stick boxes. Sadly i do not know a name on how to describe them. I de soldered the c stick one and wired buttons tot he holes on the board but all i get is a constant down input out of it. If i put the c stick unit back where it was everything goes back to normal. How would i go about making a button for those inputs? I have been successful in working with other controllers in the past and making my own sticks by hand. I just have never seen or worked with this kind of input device before so i feel kind of at a loss.

If anyone is wondering what part i am talking about the 2 in the picture i posted are the white box to the upper left of the d pad on the left. and the white box that is on the hanging board under the B button on the right.

Also what are those things called.



Take a picture of your wiring.

The C-Stick is an analog stick; the white boxes are the analog stick units.
Most people will either just leave them alone (either cut off the exposed rod, fix it in place with hot glue, or both), or neutralize them with resistors if you want to remove them. Basically, you need the controller/system to keep thinking that the stick is still centered and not moving.

The black parts on the sides of each of the analog cube-modules are variable resistors; they rotate and change in resistance as you tilt the analog stick around.

To neutralize them, you’ll need to solder in 2x ~100kOhm resistors per axis per stick, so 4 resistors for each analog cube.
What you’ll need to do is to remove the variable resistors, and you’ll end up with 3 solder points in a row (for each of the X and Y axis). You’ll need to solder one resistor between the middle solder point and one of the sides, and another between the middle and the other side. Repeat for each set of 3 solder points you uncover for the analog modules (you’ll need to do this 4 times total).

I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish by “wiring buttons to the holes” of the C-stick, though.