Game Cube Arcade Stick

OK im a brawl Player and i want to Get a GameCube Arcade stick for to play SSBB.
I cant find any good ones on ebay. Im Willing to make my own does anyone know a pad hacking or site where i can get one for Cheap ? i dont want to spend much on one yet. i just need to test it out.

you can’t play brawl on a stick. next time use the search button.

You said brawl right? Why not got with a wii fighting stick then, gamestop has a really good one for $50 that actually doesn’t look to bad. No anime or game chars on it, but the white and blue wii colors are still pretty slick.

you cant use an arcade stick in brawl ? ok there has to be some way. There no Pad Hacking Schematic on the Gamecube Controller PCB ? Im sure that its possible that way.

:u: when someone tells you should use the search button that means you should stop posting here and look for the thread that already discusses this:

Sry i searched, but i didnt find it didnt ype in the proper thing maybe