Game Designer at Relic dies in Car Accident



I actually met Brian at E3 two years ago. Never got to know him but obviously it sounds like he was a fantastic human being. I hope his wife and family can cope with the disaster and move on peacefully.


That sucks horribly but he most definitely died honorably. R.I.P.


That short description actually made me a bit teary. Such a selfless act =.(


Agreed. Damn shame that he had to pay for someone else’s lack of self control, though.




Wow . Infinite Man points. But damn man , the driver needs the chair. Shit is unacceptable.


From article:

Even more messed up.


Yet another example of some douche moron that doesn’t die due to his own stupidity/negligence, but ends the life of an innocent bystander.


don’t forget he costs the lives of his passengers as well. Hopefully he rots in prison for a long while. The Relic designer Brian was a hero to sacrifice his life for his family’s.


Manly tears.


never heard of em


That’s normal but he has worked on some pretty big titles such as Company of Heroes


sigh R.I.P.


He died a hero’s death. RIP.


Wow. A harsh loss. RIP.


Reading comprehension

the driver was also female

was allegedly removing a sweater while driving, asking her 22-year-old passenger Samantha Bowling

samantha is possessive to jordan

So stupid bitch should get the chair


If you haven’t played Company of Heroes you should definitely try it out. It is an extremely well made RTS that goes against a lot of the conventional wisdom for how those games should be made.