Game Designer Sentenced to Death in Iran

The usual: likely forced confessions, found guilty of committing crimes against God, alleged attempt to promote American interests in Iran, etc.


Dayum son…

Shoulda been Ahmadinejad and Khamenei instead of Hussein.

Sorry, every time I hear Iran I automatically think about that…

wow…So what’s going to happen when Iran continues to do their crazy shit and they follow through with the execution anyway?

ummm…why would any american travel to iran in the first place? niggas need to start actually reading those CIA travel advisories.

Modern Warfare 4

I was half hoping that it was Robert Bowling.

Video games are serious business.

Is the death sentence really that necessary?

I hated by share games but I never would condemn the developers to death. Why they care about a game from a no one heard about til now?

Streisand Effect incoming: Game we never heard of getting publicity for all the wrong reasons, people will check said game out.

When it comes to Middle Eastern politics, just know that the game is always chess, and never checkers.

That being said, this is Iran’s way of “hitting back” amidst all the shit about to go down once a solid oil embargo from the Europeans and the U.S goes through…

What’s wrong with Aruba? It’s nice.

I think he’s referring to the disappearance of Natalie Holloway and another girl under suspicious circumstances

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Damn. Too bad all the land in the world is pretty much occupied. Guess we have to start looking at either Mars or the moon atm.

RIP Christopher Hitchens

How about we take Iran and PUSH IT somewhere else?

I’m surprised no one’s posted a NT, Bobby Kotick, insert other hated figure in gaming joke.
I remember reading ain an issue of GI a year or two ago an article about how middle eastern developers are not as oppressed as some think:rofl:

This is fucked up on so many levels Go Sweden:woot:

This is almost as dumb as those Americans who were arrested while hiking in Iran. Hiking. In. Iran.

Why the fuck would you be in Iran first place?

ww3 gonna be over video games?