Game Developers


Not sure if a thread was started, but I wanted to know if anybody on SRK was interesting in game development. I’m hoping to get into game development sometime in my life, professionally.


what aspect of game development are you interested in? I know there are a couple people on this board that have also been “in the biz”.


Im more interested in the programming. More particularly into AI programming. Just having some trouble networking with others that are into game development. I was lookin more for people who wanted to work on independent projects.


I’m currently working as a game programmer at the moment. What level of schooling are you at? I just want to know so I can give some advice.


I graduated from a Computer Engineering ungrad program last August. Im currently working in Jax for some business solutions company, using a bunch of IBM tools. But I do some game dev in my free time.


Check out my thread if you need some info

I don’t know much about programming though. That’s not my thing.


We had a EA rep come by and speak to us for an infosession. I realize that the most important thing is probably the portfolio. The problem just arises that all i really do well is programming and organizing tasks. Im not a good artist/animator, and its pretty difficult for programmers (at least the ones I know) to get in contact with some artists. I was just trying to see if maybe there were any people on here that would be interested in collaborating for a project or two.