Game Expo - Bunch of Tourneys - NJIT Sat. Oct. 11

How’s it going everyone? I am posting this to let you know that there will be a Game Expo at NJIT on Saturday Oct.11 and running from 12pm till 10pm. It’s only a bunch of random tournaments to part take in. Games will inlude the likes of: SSBB, T5DR, SCIV, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, MvC2, and a bunch of others, upon request of course. So if anyone is interested come by and show what you got. Let me know if more info is needed. Here is the site:


no games i play :frowning:

what prizes do u get for winning?

well mr. wong it is only a school thing so there is only one winner for each tourney and each time the winner gets a gift card for EB or Gamestop ($25-$50). It’s obviously not the greatest but its something. If you would like me to make things interesting for certain games (MvC2 for ex.) I’ll ask my professor if people could throw down in order to enter ($5 bucks or something). I’ll see what I can do but yea that is mainly the outcome.

By the way, no homo, but I wanted to say I admire your talents as a fighting game pro. You and all the other stars on this forum are fukin SIC! Maybe i’ll cya there.


is there 2nd place prize and is it free to enter ?

I believe there is only one winner and of course a prize. entry is free, yes.

Can we enter more then one tournament?

yea u could join whichever, jus be wary about the timeslots, in case two or more of your choices happen to run at the same time. I’ll post time slots when they are available…pz