Game Faces


I’ve been looking at various pics of EVO and I’ve realized that a lot of players have horrible mid-match game faces. I’d expect everyone to look intense or something mid-match but some people tend to look a bit slack jawed. I think Justin Wong is a prime example as pretty much every pic I’ve seen of him mid match looks absolutely horrible.

What player out there tends to have the best game face? I don’t really count Daigo since he doesn’t really have a game face. He simply has the same dang face all day everyday. Apparently, even when being assaulted, Evolution 2009: Day 3 - karaface’s Photos


Why should you care what others do? Some yell at the tv when playing or start to go crazy. I might smile or have a small laugh when I pull something I consider impressive.


This is a very important thread but I think it belongs in the Evo section.

Nevertheless, I agree. Our players do look horrible while playing against their opponents. Perhaps next year the Evolution2k staff can hire makeup artists to do work on said players before they step on stage and maybe even hold miniature fans to their faces while they play their match.


I considered putting it in the EVO section, but I figured that this section would allow it to take in a greater scope of players and tournaments.


i think this thread could be a good opportunity for everybody to post their best gamefaces


Personally I think JWong has the best game face, something about his big mug just causes this stirring… in my loins…


Who is this?


after you see my game face youll be youll have a face like this after you watch this [media=youtube]zH8ynu0jRvY[/media]


I believe that’s Mr. Wizard himself!


Concentration. Ever do it? :tdown:


Here come some new challengers.


his expression in the photo makes it fairly clear that, at that very moment, tokido was blowing him up


End of round faces don’t count, gotta be mid-round, otherwise you’re just seeing their reaction to the round end, not their concentration faces.


link the thelo pics


doing what you do best woof ~