Game has bad framrate?


Sometimes when I fire a Hadouken or shoryuken the screen will slow down. The combat never feels fluid when this is happening. I’m just wondering if this game just has a junky framerate or if it’s working as intended.

P.S. This is happening online and offline.


A noob.

It’s a slowdown bug that’s been present in every SF2 game. It was kept in HDR so as to remain accurate to the arcade version, which has the slowdown. I believe there is a dip switch setting in the options to turn this off offline if you like. I’d just try to get used to it however if you want to play this game competitively.

While we’re at it, sometimes my c.MK or backfist just won’t come out after I hit my opponent with a sonic boom. Even when I mash it. My timing seems good, I’m not pressing the button before recovery. Anything that can help this?

I always thought it was a visual representation of stun rather than a bug. I would have assumed that if it was a bug or limitation that it would have been addressed years ago when they shifted from CPS1 to CPS2.

Also the slowdown remains when emulated, so I don’t think it’s a case that the processing power of the original board just couldn’t handle it, more that it was intended.

You can turn it off for arcade mode and local matches, but it just feels too weird.

Yeah the fireball hit slowdown is intended, for these powerful feeling hits.

Pretty sure the input drops during slowdown (Guile) aren’t intended, though.

After you hit with a fireball, you only have a few frames where you can still start an attack. It almost feels more like missing a combo chain window, since it just ignores your attack inputs while still allowing you to move around. Control returns about the same time that the fireball explosion disappears and the opponent recovers. With Chun, I usually just put myself just outside of sweep range and let them dig themselves a bigger hole or jump if I think I have time or they’re too pressured to react properly.

“When it comes to conveying damage in videogames there are many ways to go about doing it. The most obvious is to show a reaction of the character being in pain, along with some blood and possibly even a screen shake or a controller shake. Depending on the move some slowdowns in good places can really drive it home as well.”

“The slowdown on fireballs doubles the number of frames, and every other frame ignores inputs. That’s what prevents stuff like Guile redizzy combos from being practical, so you can’t really remove it without drastically altering move properties.”

well there you go…

IIRC the way attacking during slowdown works is that it drops an input every other frame, basically to make it so that certain things like Four Fierce with Guile (J.Hp / S.Hp xx Hp Sonic Boom, S.Hp) isn’t doable 100% of the time.

It is doable a 100% of the time…if the player knows how to mash during slowdown. Straight out mashing will sometimes work to get the Backfist to hit the opponent, but if a player mashes it “right”, it will always work. I think you have to mash at the first few frames of slowdown. Halfway through or mashing at the end is much harder to get the Backfist to come out. And that goes for other combos too.

IMO slowdown does not drop inputs. Like someone already mentioned, it ignores inputs every other frame. The only time the game ignores/drops inputs IMO, is during Super flash.

I’ve never seen it slow down on a srk, is this happening only when they hit the opponent or when before they hit?

Thanks for the answers :tup:

I literally cannot parse that into something that makes sense.

“Slowdown doesn’t drop inputs. As someone said, it drops input. The only time the game drops input is during super flash.”

The game drops inputs during projectile slowdown in a consistent fashion. This is easily verified with a programmable stick. Alternatively, with Chun Li’s Lightning Legs on an SE (and probably TE) stick’s turbo.

The game does indeed drop inputs during slowdown. It drops inputs on an amount of frames equal to the extra frames you see on screen during fireball slowdown. So for example’s sake, let’s say a fireball from Ryu causes 15 extra frames to appear on the screen (I’m sure the actual number is actually much higher), inputs on 15 frames during the entire slowdown (which will be longer than 15 frames, we’re just saying for example that it causes 15 EXTRA frames) will be dropped completely. How the game spaces out which frames it drops inputs on, I’m unsure. You’d have to ask Maj or Rufus. I’m not explaining it very well, and it’s a difficult concept to grasp. It’s similar to how frames are dropped when you apply turbo to SF2–the game is sped up to say 75 frames per second on turbo 2 (unsure of actual number, again), but no common displays can display anything past 60 frames per second, so the game drops frames at a set interval to achieve the desired speed while conforming to display limitations. Similar to that, but in reverse. However, you can still input things normally on “skipped” frames. You simply don’t SEE the frame occur on your screen. So I guess it’s not that similar.

tl;dr: Game drops inputs during fireball slowdown.

I suppose then there would be difference between ignored frames and dropped frames.

What happens if you holding down and it gets ignored as opposed to what happens if you are holding down and it gets dropped.

Idk? If the game can ignore inputs and its different than dropped inputs then what does that mean?

It means blitzfu is on drugs, or on the booze. There’s no fixing that sentence.

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