Game Junkie, Cincinnati Ohio, Sept 15th

Game Junkie’s September 15th awesome tournament!!


$5 venue fee if you pre-reg, $10 venue fee if you register the day of the tournament

$10 per game

SF:3S - Winner keeps the same character, but can change super art. Loser can change everything. JUDGEMENT CANNOT DECIDE A MATCH!! Double elimination

GGXXAC - Standard rules, double elimination


Game Junkie
7132 Cincinnati-Dayton Road
Suite 200
West Chester, OH 45069

details on the prize payout?

the amount of tournys in ohio is crazy haha

This one doesn’t have CvS2 so it doesn’t count.


just kidding…


There’s a tournament somewhere in OH a week before if I’m not mistaken.

Doesn’t having different entry fees messes up the pot money?

Ummmm wtf, actually this is really not awesome. Another OH tourney, let alone one week after an established one? This should be pushed back to Dec or something. Is smoking crack a pre-req to work at Game Junkie? At least the money situation has been (possibly) resolved, but it’s not very appealing for anyone to travel to Cincy two weekends in a row. I really can’t believe they posted this.

No, venue fee has nothing to do w/ each game’s prize pool.

Whatever. GJ originally had this planned for the 8th way before the hillsboro tournament posted but I did not have all the details so I did not post. I convinced them to change the date.

I guess I’ll try to get them to change the date to December. It seems like they can never please SRK.

are you kidding me? they fleeced me out of 2nd place prize money and chickenfat out of a good amount of 1st place money the last tourney in 3S. they have no idea how to legitimately run a tournament without being really shady and screwing people over. different entry fees depending on how many games you sign up for? taking a cut out of the full pot (because they’re a business and have to make money, bs), AND THEN distributing the rest out to the winners? ridiculous.

i recommend nobody on srk goes to this tournament. unless you’re REALLY close and have nothing better to do, or you know you won’t get top 3, then you’re guaranteed not to get screwed over.

i was going to stay quiet on this one, but it’s just too much. hands down, the WORST tournament i have ever been to.

If the date was set months ago it should have been posted so OH people would know not to post a competing tourney in September. So don’t play the whine card after the fact, period. If they remotely want to have a decent showing SRK should be the FIRST place tourney info is posted, not the last. If you woulda taken flak for not having the rules straight – well that’s better than nobody going because you posted the full thread wayyyyy too late.

I said like 200 times that if you have a lousy first tourney people will remember that shit. It sounds like you didn’t make the rules the first time around but I’d pass that on to the management down there.

If they move the tourney to a time where nothing is going on otherwise in the region, and they fix the $$, they WILL get the usual people out.

First of all, my name is Urban_Yeti, and I’ve been assigned to handle some of the tournament promotional duties for Game Junkie. What’s up. I love all you guys.

popoblo, can you explain your complaint? I don’t understand how you say you and your friend were “screwed over”. Game Junkie usually takes 30% of the pot when there is no house/venue/registration fee. If you would care to look at it from our perspective, in our 4+ years of running video game tournaments, we’ve always done it this way, and we’ve had little to no complaints, ever. We’ve run Halo 2 and Gears of War tournaments with over 100 participants, Melee tournaments upwards of 60, nothing but the stray remark about our payout system. That is, until the tournaments started getting posted on Shoryuken. We get that you guys hate that concept, so we adopted the venue fee system for this tournament.

But last tournament we did just take 30% of the pot - which was expressed in the rules - so I don’t understand the screwed over comments. For the record I wasn’t there, but from the people running the thing, I heard only good things. An very impressive turnout for 3S, especially since it was our first for that game, and some disappointing turnout for MvC and Tekken. I didn’t about any complaints that took place as far as pay out went, so I’m surprised that people are upset over it.

As far as the “because they’re a business and have to make money, bs” comment, I don’t know what to say other than it’s true. The tournaments Game Junkie runs are FOR PROFIT, there is no hiding it. GJ is an independent video game store, and makes very little money. We don’t make a lot of money from tournaments, but we are not going to hold them for charity. We respect all the grassroots gamers who hold tournaments in their houses and rented venues, but GJ is a business and if you disagree with the fact that we don’t want to run tournaments for free, then I suppose you shouldn’t come to our tournaments.

That’s really all I have to say as far as the money situation goes. popoblo, was there anything wrong with the tournament as far as how it was ran, aside from the payouts?

Anyways, It’s true that weird stuff was happening and this tournament didn’t get posted as soon as it should have. Oops. The best thing is that GJ has a large local community of gamers who will want to come to this, and hopefully we can get another fighter tournament happing in a few months, and plan the date better.

Grimey Grimey. We need to get paid so we can pay dem bills.

my biggest complaint is that taking money from the pot hurts the winners the most. let’s say joe schmoe gamer enters 3S for $10 and doesn’t place in the top 3. he is essentially charged no venue fee because he did not win any of the prizes that are distributed to the top 3. true, $3 of his $10 goes to the venue fee, but he is not punished because he didn’t win anything.

then take me, who got 2nd, and chickenfat, who got 1st. let’s say there were 20 people there, for a total prize pot of $200. by a 70/20/10 split (the tournament standard), here are the following payouts.

1st- $140
2nd- $40
3rd- $20

BUT since it’s game junkie tournament, you guys take 30% from the $200 prize pot, leaving only $140 to be distributed, so here are the new payouts.

1st- $98
2nd- $28
3rd- $14

so chickenfat, who got 1st, essentially payed a $42 (!) venue fee, i payed a $12 venue fee, and the 3rd place finisher payed $6. bullshit for the winners? YES. and giving people discounts for entering multiple games or pre-registering only messes up the payouts more.

i actually spelled out this exact same scenario in a previous thread, and it still wasn’t understood. i don’t know how much clearer i can make it.

and no, that’s not my only complaint about the last tournament. the games were started way off schedule. 3S started really late because for some reason the owner didn’t think 2 games could be ran at the same time. so guilty gear was ran on like 4 total TV’s, when you could’ve ran 3S and guilty gear at the same time on 2 TV’s a piece.

needless to say, i won’t be attending this next tournament (late notice, plus i have plans already). i remember chickenfat didn’t even pay attention to the math, and once i explained it to him, he felt kind of cheated. but after he won, he was so excited that he just took his money without saying anything. just because nobody speaks up, doesn’t mean something isn’t wrong. skisonic, a respected player on these boards, complained before the tournament about the prize structure also and it was the main reason he didn’t drive down.

but good job on adopting the flat venue fee charge. it’s when you start dipping your hand into the prize pots that you get complaints.

i guess i should first step in and say that the event it self was actually better than i expected.People where great,not too many conflicts.But i guess its the money situation.I wasnt going to post on this,only because i hate getting involved in conflict.But after the payout was explained to me,it seems pretty out of wack the amount of money that comes out of ppls pockets.I didnt say anything because just winning actually is enough for me.I make decent enough at my job right now,so i really just enter for the competition.But ppl who travel and spend the gas and other stuff,plus entry fee’s,blah blah,and arnt really compensated for it,well,that game junkie being an independent game place makes it hard becuase hosting this stuff yeah,you need the im not sure really what you could do.sorry im so vauge.not good at this:D

Here we go again w/ some more bullshit from GJ!

UrbanYeti, I understand that GJ is their own business & since they are their own business, they’ll do what they think is best 4 the business. That’s cool.

However, what’s not cool is how you guys setup ur fighting game tournies. It’s ridiculous! Here’s what is standard for fighting game tournies & take some notes on it, b/c GJ needs them…Badly!

Standard pot winnings: 70/20/10 for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places.

Standard Entry fee: Standard is usually $5 or $10, depending on the venue.

What boggles my mind about GJ is how you guys just love 2 fuck over the fighting game community. What is so difficult about about having a standard entry fee & going w/ the standard pot winnings 4 the games?

GJ’s argument is that you’ve had no complaints about other tournaments 4 other games. Guess what, those are OTHER TOURNAMENTS 4 OTHER GAMES!!! Just because what works 4 one thing doesn’t mean that’ll it’ll work 4 another. It’s like trying 2 put out a fire w/ water on a campfire & on an electrical appliance. What works 4 one doesn’t mean it works for the other!

True, maybe ur Halo tournies & Gears of War tournies don’t give a shit about how you do things. Fighting game tournies “DO” give a shit about how you run things, especially when you rape ppl out of money.

Popoblo put it clear as day in Post #11 on how messing w/ the entry fee & taking out money from the prize winnings fucks over the top placers terribly.

$140 - $98 = $42. Wow!!! If I was Chickenfat, I’d be absolutely fuckin livid @ you guys. From ur “standard” ways of running tournies, you “standardly” fucked him over bad in his prize earnings.

He essentially lost out on $42, & in fact, he essentially is paying for everyone’s venue fee. Damn, that’s some messed up shit right there, & you wonder why GJ didn’t get as good of a turnout on some games as you guys thought you should of. It’s bullshit like that which deters ppl from going 2 ur fighting game tournies in the 1st place.

You said it best UrbanYeti: “We respect all the grassroots gamers who hold tournaments in their houses and rented venues, but GJ is a business and if you disagree with the fact that we don’t want to run tournaments for free, then I suppose you shouldn’t come to our tournaments.”

As well, “WE WON’T” go 2 ur tournies. If you did have respect, you would hear us (the gamers) out, instead of pretending like you care, while in essense, you can give a shit less about our advice on how 2 run a fighting game tourney properly. If you did respect & care for the fighting game community, then you would run the tournies properly like you should, but since you don’t care, since you won’t listen 2 us, ur gonna keep on dicking ppl over & keep on getting shity attendance in ur tournies.

If you guys need money, just charge a $10 entry fee ur venue, do not do any pre-reg discount bullshit, & keep the pot-winnings 70/20/10, both you & the gamers will be cool w/ that. $10 entry fee is a lil high, but if you DO need that money, do that instead of fucking over the top placers in the games by taking away money from them. That’s just dumb.

Until you “actually” hear us out & do things right, have fun not making hardly any money & having shitty turn-outs for ur fighting game tournies. Peace. :china:

i was going to post, but popoblo and sluch did a good job. cosign all the way.

I think they already decided to change to the standard SRK format regarding venue/pot $$, based on the first post. I mean I think they did a lot of damage to their cred w/ the previous tourney, but at least the $$ seems to have been changed.

I don’t think they’re charging a venue fee AND taking cash out of the winners’ pot this time.

I think the only beef here is the retarded date.

LOL @ Sluch

Calm down dude, like Ghaleon said, and if you read the first post, you would see that we did in fact adopt the community format. Pre regers are paying the store $5, day offers are paying the store $10. $10 per tournament and the store doesn’t touch those pots. Cool?

I love that you guys are so passionate (obviously!) and I’m glad to see most of you understand that the store is trying to at least make something from tournaments. Game Junkie was built for gamers - the owner left a well paying job to build the game store he always dreamed about, and so far, after 4 years, the store has yet to make any profit. It’s a labor of love, and I can assure you that the intent was not to screw anybody, and that gamers are respected the most.

I personally still don’t see how taking a cut of the pot is as sinister as some of you make it seem. If you are entering one tournament for $10 and the store is taking 30%, It seems like instead of looking at it as only the winners are paying the venue fee, you could look at it as just paying a $3 dollar venue fee and a $7 entry fee. But, we are all ignorant about different things, this may be one of mine.

But it doesn’t matter, we are doing the venue fee format. The date is not very good, so this will just be a more local oriented tournament, that’s fine, though anyone is welcome to come, and throw another fighter tourney in about 4 months. popoblo, thanks for the feedback about the running of the tournaments, games probably should have ran side by side, we will take that into account.

Thanks everyone for their respectful disseverance. Except Sluch, I’m gonna hope he was drunk when he posted that :rofl:

If the $$ is straight I’ll try to make the next one w/ a carload, as long as the date is apart from anything regional.

Nope. Just speaking the truth. :china:

Can we please just get a little bit of turnout?