Game Kingdom "NY" SSF4 Tournament 01/14/11


Game Kingdom SSF4 Tournament

**All Right People It's Time For An Video Game Tournament!**

** Location And Contact Info
Game Kingdom
Flushing Mall
133-31 39th Ave. F21
Flushing, NY 11354**

Super Street Fighter 4

$5 Venue
$5 Pot
$10 In All

**Traveling Info**
Train: 7
Bus: Q13, Q20, Q28, Q44, Q16, Q66, Q65
Call For Info If Needed.

PlayStation 3
2 Controllers
Being Your Own Fight Sticks And Controllers If You Per-far.

**Game Time**
Casuals Starts At 2:00pm
Tournament Starts At 3:00pm

Double Elimination
2/3 Rounds
2/3 Matches


**Can't Wait To See You Guys At The GK Tournament!
Enjoy & Good Luck! **


Im entering this one hope it becomes bigger


Is there just one setup with 2 controllers you are saying?


No, There Might Be Three Setup At The Place So Bring Your “A” Game…


The Empire descends upon your province.


You would of had 5 extra people if the tournament were to start at about 7 p.m. cause of work.


ya maybe you guys should start it at that time because for me school doesnt end until 2:30 so if you do that more people could come so ballin maybe thy will respond and just wait for now because they might change it


I Can’t Change The Time Because The Place Closes At 9 PM… So Yeah Can’t Really Change The Time There Knowing The Tournaments Take A Long Period Of Time If A Lot Show Up… :slight_smile:


then could you change casuals to 3 and the tourny at 4 please


way to have a tournament in Queens while I’m on vacation lol. Thanks guys :(.


oh im sorry evil :frowning:


cool. ill b there. time to test my new dual modded stick!


I might be there, although I’m not 100% sure at this time. If I do, I’ll bring my PS3 pad with me.


Okay, The More The Better Tell Your Friends…


ok this looks pretty good I have about 3 more friends coming so what about the time change to casuals at 3 and the tourny at 4


oh shit. ive been looking for one of these. sweet. im down.


Dude Just Show Up And If The Time Change Happens You Will Be Able To Join If Now It Should Take About An Hour To Get Though The First Round Any Way So If You Join Late We Can Still Enter You… Okay


I’ll definitely enter. Looks promising.


GL tone and sk! i can’t make that too far…too soon…


Dam 3pm that sucks. Oh well good luck Tone/SK.